Tuesday, 22 April 2014

DIY (& Budget Friendly) Beauty Storage

As part of our 30 day spending ban (see original post) it's time for another DIY installment from Lauren and I! Last time we shared a DIY at home beauty treatment so if you missed that you can see my hair mask post here and head over to Lauren's blog for her DIY face mask. Today's DIY is all about beauty storage and simple, inexpensive ways to create cute storage for brushes and beauty bits and bobs. 

diy brush holders kilner jar beauty storage

I decided on sprucing up my brush holders and creating a jar to hold my cotton pads because everytime I try to get one out of the stupid plastic packets they come in I end up taking out about 6 and have to wrestle them back in. Just me? This is so simple to do and it adds a nice little pop of colour to your storage and you can customise it to match your room! 

For the brush holders I used nutella jars, so knock yourselves out and have chocolate spread on toast all week so you can get a nice jar at the end of it. The larger jar is a kilner style storage jar from Ikea (£1) but you can get them pretty much anywhere. The decorative tapes were a £1 for a pack of three and again, these are available many places. If you don't know anywhere local you can get them there are lots of cute ones on ebay

Make sure the jars are completely clean and dry before applying the tape. Decide where you want to place the tape and start to roll it around the jar, smoothing out any creases along the way. Then simply cut the tape once you've made it all the way around. 

It takes about 5 seconds, and looks simple yet effective. Plus, it's a lot cheaper than buying decorative storage from the shops, so why not make your own? Be sure to head over to Lauren's blog for a DIY makeup desk essential.

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