Saturday, 5 April 2014

Fashion Jewellery: Creating the perfect memory locket

If you're a trend spotter and follower when it comes to jewellery and fashion trends you're probably aware of the ever popular Origami Owl Living Lockets that have taken the US by storm. Everytime I check my instagram or twitter feeds, some lucky person on my list is showcasing their lovely new jewellery! However, these wonderful pieces of jewellery are now available in the UK thanks to seasons online who have been inspired to create on trend memory lockets and floating charms to create the perfect piece of personalised jewellery. 

origami owl memory lockets in the uk rose gold jewellery

There are a huge variety of memory lockets available ranging from; elegant silver, gold  and rose gold circle lockets to beautiful heart shaped lockets with crystals. My personal favourite is the rose gold crystal circle locket, which would make the perfect addition to any jewellery collection. Rose gold is definitely 'in' right now and has been for quite some time, it's probably one of the more popular jewellery types to have with fashion bloggers and celebrities loving the rose gold accessories such as watches, necklaces and rings! Memory lockets range from £9.99 to £12.99 which is incredibly reasonable and if you're a shopaholic like me then you might just consider buying one in silver, gold and rose gold just to make sure you have a suitable necklace for different outfits, which you really could consider at that price! 

My absolute favourite thing about memory lockets from seasons online is that you can make them personal, they are not only a trend lead item but can also be sentimental and make perfect gifts. There is a huge range of  floating charms that can be popped inside your memory locket to give it a personal touch or used to reflect current trends! Here are some of my favourite floating charms that I would use to create a fashion forward piece of jewellery or a personalised gift! 

I'm in love with the dainty rose gold charms, my favourites are the cross and the infinity symbol - both of which are very popular when it comes to fashion jewellery, even more so in rose gold! I also really love the silver charms, two of my favourites were the cure little bunnies - ideal for a spring statement necklace and the peace charms. There are also birth stone floating charms available which would add some delicate sparkle to any memory locket you create. I also noticed this cute set of graduation charms, which would look lovely inside the silver memory locket for a gift on the special day! 

What type of memory locket would you create? 

*written in conjunction with SeasonsOnline. Views and opinions are 100% mine, as always. 

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