Monday, 21 April 2014

Flowbox: A lifestyle subscription box

Monthly subscription boxes are something I've tried out before when Glossybox first came onto the scene. It was one of the first if not the first beauty box subscription and I lasted about 5 months. Since then I haven't subscribed to any boxes unless you count a small stint with Grazebox. I hadn't heard of flowbox before so I was intrigued to see that they were a 'healthy, natural & eco friendly' subscription service. Essentially, a lifestyle subscription box full of new things to try each month. I actually received a custom box especially made for the giveaway but from what I can see of the typical monthly boxes content varies each month and includes so many different brands and types of products to suit everyone. 

flowbox subscription box lifestyle

In my box I received a whole boatload of goodies including edible treats like elephant food (that's actually human food) and doesn't taste too bad considering I am the worlds fussiest eater. A mini bar of organic dark chocolate that I'll save for a baking recipe and a pack of raspberry liquorice which was donated to my dad because it's one of his favourites. I also got an elder flower iced tea which I haven't tried yet but I'm a new convert to tea so I'm looking forward to trying that! 

The box also contains some 'household' items. The first was Michael's original washing up pad, which I imagine is a handy thing to have in the kitchen! I also received a pack of handmade coasters which are definitely my favourite item from the whole box! They are handmade by women in remote villages in Nepal and are made using recycled food packets. They're bright and colourful and I love them - you can see how they look in my room tour post!

Finally I received natural incense sticks which smell lovely and a pack of faith in nature face wipes, which are always welcome. The wipes smell pretty strong considering they are made from natural ingredients but they are gentle on the skin, soothing and refreshing. 

The packing is simple, clean and recyclable which is important considering the nature of the box! Overall I enjoyed the box, it was nice to try out a few new things and my favourite items were the coasters, face wipes and incense! The monthly boxes cost £21.95 including shipping which was a bit higher than I expected but after researching some of the brands and products included in the boxes it's actually good value! I'm not sure if this is something I'd subscribe to myself, as I don't feel I'd get enough use out of every box but it's something I'd recommend if you like to buy natural, fair trade, eco friendly products and try new things! 

You can check out the boxes at 

this box was a competition prize, therefore free however I was not asked to write about it I just wanted to share! :) 

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