Friday, 11 April 2014

Highstreet/Drugstore matte bronzers

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matte bronzer swatches avon soap and glory 2true sleek

Contouring is something that requires a certain amount of practice to perfect and a bit of trial and error when it comes to finding a suitable bronze shade to sculpt those cheek bones. So many of the bronzers available on the highstreet and in drugstores are full of shimmer, but I've put together a selection of excellent matte bronzers that are suitable for adding colour and depth as well as using for the almighty skill of contouring.

First up is Sleek's matte bronze contour is available in two formats; in a duo contour kit or a trio face kit with a choice of light, medium or dark. The light shade is still pretty dark, so this isn't ideal for you if you have really pale skin but anything from light/medium and up will be fine. If you have super pale skin, you can always apply this before foundation for a bit of sculpting first. 2true cosmetics natural matte bronzer* is the cheapest of the bunch at just £1.99 and is a truly matte shade suitable for all skin tones. It's very well pigmented, so a light hand is necessary for application on paler skin tones but overall a fabulous purchase at less than £2 for a huge amount of product. 

Soap and Glory solar powder bronze duo retails for £11 in one shade only but this handy duo is ideal for pale skin tones. When you first get it, don't be fooled by the almost irredescent scary looking shimmer in the pan, this quickly disappears revealing a wonderful matte bronzing duo. This is a negative if you are of course looking for the shimmer you purchased, but for me it was a bonus! Avon matte bronzer retails for £10 but you can grab it on ebay for £5.99, with a choice of light or medium it's ideal for most skin tones and is a softer shade than both sleek and 2true, so very easy to work with. It isn't immensely pigmented, but this makes it suitable for contouring beginners or achieving a more naturally defined look rather than harsh contours. 

What's your favourite bronzer? 

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