Tuesday, 15 April 2014

How to write a beauty blog on a budget

how to write a beauty blog on a budget

When it comes to blogging, especially about beauty it can be too tempting to buy every single new product release and spend £££'s on trying out new things and creating new content. In today's post, as part of my spending ban collab with Makeup by Lauren Marie we will be sharing some of our top tips when it comes to blogging on a budget.

  • Shop your stash - not only does this provide a blog post in itself, it's also a good way for you to find new (old) products to review and rediscover some favourites. You could post a weekly feature too! 
  • Keep an eye out for blog sales. Lots of beauty bloggers hold them and you can grab some brilliant brands all for a fraction of the cost, making this a great way to try out new products! 
  • Don't be afraid to review samples. Those mini products that come with magazines? Write about them! If you get a sample from a beauty counter, why not review it? 
  • Switch things up a little, you don't always have to write product reviews. You could write about trends (e.g spring) using products you already own or you could compile some favourites! 
  • Why not branch into a lifestyle post? People love getting to know the blogger behind the screen so instead of reviewing the latest lipstick why not share a bit about your life and what you've been up to (for free!) 
  • Create a wishlist. So you may not have enough money to buy everything on it, but it's a good idea to share what you want to buy and your favourite items from a particular brand or trend. 
  • Don't give into the hype. When it comes to new releases, bloggers are the first ones to jump on a bandwagon but you don't have to review it right away just because everyone else is. Wait it out, see what others say then decide if you want to buy it! 
  • Enter competitions. Use Facebook and Twitter to keep an eye out for beauty/fashion/lifestyle giveaways. Not only is it a nice treat for yourself, but you can review the prizes on your blog! 
  • Tutorials. If you're good at something, share it. Whether its blogging tips, photography, makeup tutorial, html help or how to guides! 
Blogging doesn't have to cost the earth. Most importantly blog about whatever you want to but these tips can help make sure you still have content to post even when your purse says otherwise. If you have any tips for blogging on a budget, please share them below! 

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