Monday, 14 April 2014

room tour: Room decor on a budget

In today's post I thought I'd share a few photos of my room and some tips on decorating your room on a small budget. I have been adding bits to my room over the past year or so in terms of furniture, and I finally have my new desk so I thought now was the perfect time to put this post up! I live at home and my room is my space, so it is important for me to get it how I want it and create a relaxing space that's also pretty whilst making the most of a relatively small space. 

The newest addition is my desk which is the Micke desk from ikea which has two pull out drawers and plenty of space to use as a functioning desk as well as a vanity type area. The desk was £65 which is a whole lot cheaper than anywhere else and it's perfect! The pastel blue lamp was only £3.99 from B&M Bargains, even cheaper than Ikea and a pretty pastel colour too! The brush holders are recycled nutella jars, I use a mug to store all my pens and the blue makeup drawers were £10 on sale in WHSmiths. 

Another new addition are these Helmer drawers from Ikea which are white metal and only £25 (bargain). I managed to build them all by myself and they fit perfectly in the smaller space next to bed. These are a good option if you have a small space and you could easily pop them under the desk. On top are a few books I'm reading at the moment, a mini candle from the white company and a coaster. The drawers are spacious and a good option for makeup storage too if you can get hold of some drawer organisers. 

An affordable pretty way to store necklaces is to get some kind of jewellery hanger that will stop your necklaces from getting tangled. You could also just put pins into the wall itself of into some kind of cork memo board if you didn't want to buy a holder. I've found similar ones to this on ebay for around £5! 

My radio was a sale bargain from dotcomgiftshop reduced from £55 to just £20! I love that its a vintage style. Another inexpensive way to decorate is to grab some artificial flowers, these ones are from ikea so is the glass and together they were just under £3 and they add a nice bit of colour near the window! My lttle bird jewellery dish was £2.99 from home bargains and the white buddha statue was around £5 from The Range. 

My main storage for clothes are these Malm drawers in white from Ikea. They were only £35 each and they are sturdy enough to store items on top and deep enough to fit a whole wardrobe full of clothes inside. They really brighten up my room by placing them underneath the window. 

Besides candles another inexpensive way to fragrance an entire room is to opt for a wax tart burner like this one from Yankee candle which is about £7 and the tarts are around £1 each and last for ages. I'm currently using summer scoop which is super sweet! 

You don't have to spend a fortune decorating a room, keep an eye on sales for the smaller decorative bits and go for practical affordable storage. Doing simple DIY like recycling glass jars and bottles is a great way to get 'free' storage for bits and pieces. I hope you enjoyed taking a look around my room and seeing the decor. It's safe to say I enjoy white and pastels but I feel these are the colours that help make my room lighter and roomier! 

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