Saturday, 5 April 2014

Shopping the Stash Saturday #1

As part of my 30 day spending ban with Lauren, we decided it would be a good idea to 'shop our stash'. Essentially, this involves digging out the products we haven't used in a while and rediscovering some of our makeup in a bid to; save money, use what we have and replace the awesome feeling of going shopping with the surprised feeling of when you have so much makeup you actually forget what you own. We'll be uploading regular shopping stash posts each Saturday throughout the spending ban, so here is what I rediscovered this week: 

shopping the stash uk beauty blog revlon elf catrice

First up you may notice a common theme in the above photo; PEACH! I've been sticking to the same nude colours lately so it's been nice to swap things out a little and start reaching for the peaches (sounds a bit rude, no?) I've rediscovered two old favourites from Revlon. First up is Revlon's lip butter in 'papaya' which is one of the shimmer-free lip butters from the collection leaving you with a subtle wash of coral and a moisturising finish. Second is Revlon's colourburst lipgloss in 'sunset peach',which is a gorgeous soft peach gloss with gold shimmer throughout. It doesn't have the best scent in the world, but it's definitely a great gloss if you hate sticky glosses, which I do! 

Moving onto face products, another peach rediscovery has been my sleek face kit in light which holds a contour, highlight and blush. I've not been reaching for the contour side, but the blush has definitely been used this week! It's the perfect blush for adding a soft sweep of colour and shimmer to the cheeks without looking like a disco ball, it's also a nice variation from pink. I've also been trying out my elf mineral infused face primer this week as I've switched my foundation up a little now and I've found that in using less powder I felt the need to use a primer on my tzone and this has worked pretty well.  Finally I've been stepping away from my urban decay naked basics palette (that's a lie, I use it everyday still) and reaching for a bit of shimmer! I completely forgot how pigmented this Catrice liquid metal eyeshadow is and it gives such a beautiful shimmering finish packed full of colour.

Okay, so it didn't quite give the same thrill as going into boots and grabbing some brand new lipsticks, but it was pretty good to rediscover these products and switch things up a little! Be sure to head over to Lauren's post to see which products she rediscovered. 


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