Saturday, 12 April 2014

Shopping the stash Saturday #2

Well, it's been another whole week of no buying new products on mine and Lauren's spending ban, so it's time for me to share the products I've 'shopped' from my stash in an attempt to rediscover some beauties! If you missed last weeks post be sure to go back and see what I rediscovered from my collection last week. 

This week I've been switching things up from using my naked basics palette and opted for this Barry M Natural Glow palette which retails for only £6.49 and contains some stunning shimmer shades as well as a matte cream shade which I have enjoyed. I actually reviewed this in a previous post if you want to see full swatches then you can read it here. I haven't been using the blush this week, but I've definitely made good use of the bronze shades in-particular. Another eye product I've used this week is No7 precision eyeliner in brown/black, which was part of a set I had for Christmas. It's actually really nice and surprisingly easy to use, considering I've never been one for pen style liners before. I think I've just become more used to applying eyeliner in powder/pencil form so now I feel I can work with pens - gold star for me! 

On my cheeks I've been absolutely loving this gem of a blush from Nicola Roberts Dainty Doll range in the shade 'you are my sunshine'. Such a cute name and a stunning shimmering coral pink that looks so lovely on! I really forgot how much I loved this as I haven't used it for a few months and I remember why I love it so much. It's very well pigmented, has excellent colour pay off and the shade is perfect for a glowy-blush look. 

Besides makeup this week I've rediscovered the Seychelles home spray from The White Company and I haven't stopped using it! The scent is amber, vanilla and bergamot and smells like a beach on holiday. I literally spray this in my room and it last for so long, I can't resist spraying a bit on myself too. Is that weird? It just smells so damn good. Speaking of gorgeously scented products, Lierac magnificence day and night melt in gel is just a whole other level when it comes to delicious scents. I can't even describe it, but it is heavenly and lingers for a while. The formula is deeply nourishing and hydrating and my skin feels like silk after applying this at night. Okay so its something ridiculous like £50 retail price, but is is fabulous. I'm going to try and hunt this down on sale somewhere when my spending ban is finished as I'm almost out of it! 

So another week and another 5 products used and loved! Don't forget to head over to Lauren's blog to see which products she rediscovered this week! 

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