Thursday, 10 April 2014

Spending ban : update

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So it's been 10 days since starting my spending ban with Makeup By Lauren Marie and it's time for an update. It's more difficult that I thought and it's so easy to forget and almost slip up, whoever decided to put beauty sections in supermarkets was a devil because it's just so tempting to chuck something in my basket that I don't even need. 

I've actually done pretty well though, and I've not purchased a single item of makeup or beauty related items, clothing or even a magazine, now that's an achievement. I've been using items from my makeup collection and shopping my stash, which you can read about in my shopping my stash blog post. I've also been avoiding going shopping to be completely truthful here - that way I can avoid temptation and not spend any money! I also tried an at home hair mask which was practically free and an inexpensive way to pamper at home, you can see the results in this post. 

Today however, I am going to Ikea to buy my new desk and storage unit for my room (which has already been worked into budget and is excluded from the spending ban). The real test is whether I can go into Ikea and leave with only these two items, which is probably near impossible. The candles get me everytime, so do the random gadgets and pretty glassware. So I'll report back to you in my next update about how that goes! 

Don't forget to head over to Lauren's blog to see how she's getting on with the spending ban too. 10 days down, another 20 to go. 

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