Thursday, 24 April 2014

Spending Ban: Update

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So it's been 24 whole days since starting my spending ban with Makeup By Lauren Marie and it's time for another update. TWENTY FOUR DAYS. My gosh, I miss buying makeup - without sounding like some sort of makeup maniac it's been torture.

Don't worry, I've actually stuck to the ban (which I can't believe). But, the amount of discount codes, letters and emails I've received full of amazing bargains, new releases and tempting sales is driving me crazy. I mean, I even resisted elf's 50% off code last weekend! I haven't even placed an avon order or popped into boots when no one was looking. 

In the last update I mentioned Ikea and I survived! I only purchased the essentials; my desk and drawers aswell as a storage jar for my DIY post earlier on in the week. So I've done pretty darn good if you ask me! I've got a full on wish list developing in my head right now of so many products I need want right now, but I'll wait until May 1st. 

Don't forget to head over to Lauren's blog to see how she's getting on with the spending ban too. 24 days down, 6 to go. I sense some online shopping happening at one minute past midnight on 01/05/2014. 


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