Sunday, 13 April 2014

Sunday chit chat

It's Sunday again so that means another installment of me rambling on about my week and general rubbish like that, accompanied by yet another selfie. I seriously cannot believe that we are almost half way through April already, 2014 is going by so fast and it will be my birthday in 2 weeks which is insane! 

This week I finally got around to making the trip to Ikea and getting my bedroom furniture! I had decided on the Micke Desk  in white so long ago, and it is finally mine! I also picked up the Helmer drawer unit in white, which means that all my bedroom finally matches. I have quite a small room so having white definitely makes it look a bit bigger and brighter. I know you may be thinking 'but Jess, weren't you on a spending ban?' and yes I am! I'd already planned to purchase my desk and drawers so that was an exception from the ban and in no way cheating, ha ha! I can't believe how controlled I was in Ikea, I normally whizz around like a mad woman and end up buying random things like straws, weird shaped pillows and storage containers. I did succumb to the most delicious cheesecake and latte in the cafe and it was immense. 

This week I've blogged every single day including and earlier on in the week I tried making my own hair mask which turned out great, you can see the before and after pictures in my DIY post. I also won a giveaway from flowbox this week, which is a lifestyle subscription box so that was exciting! I've been obsessed with watching David Attenborough documentaries in bed (sounds strange when I say it like that) but his voice just sends me to sleep (eventually). I also watched Frozen on DVD three times and sang Let it Go at the top of my voice at least 12 times. 

Happy Sunday & Have a great week. 

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