Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The £2 budget nail polishes: sinful colours

I love nail polish as much as the next girl but I make no secret of the fact that I begrudge paying more than a few pounds for one. As much as I love Essie nail polishes, they are £7.99 each so I always wait out the offers or grab them in a multipack, other than that the usual amount is around £3 - £4 a polish which is absolutely fine. When Sinful colours first came to the UK in boots I couldn't believe they were only £1.99 and not only are they cheap they're also pretty damn good too! 

sinful colours nail polish uk dancing nails island coral nirvana frenzy

sinful colours nail polish uk dancing nails island coral nirvana frenzy  swatches

dancing nails || Frenzy || Island Coral || Nirvana 

A range of finishes are available from pearl, glitter, satin and matte and there is an incredible shade range! Dancing nails is one of my favourite pearl colours its a subtle muted red that applies in just one coat if you're in a rush and looks amazing in two coats. It's one of those colours that just looks nice. Frenzy is a stunning mix of purple, blue and silver glitter that looks brilliant over any pastel blue and green polishes aswell as dark purples, blacks and navys! You could also build it up to wear on it's own, but be warned its a bit of a pain to remove - you really do need to use the tin foil trick for this one. 

Island coral is perfect for this time of year, its bright and colourful and compliments a tan wonderfully, if you ever manage to get one in the UK that is. Nirvana is a neutral shade very similar to the likes of Barry M Mushroom which is one of my all time favourites! It's wearable but also a subtle statement colour. 

Paired with a base and top coat these polishes can last for around 5 days which isn't too shabby at all! The brush applicators are thin which make them great for precise applying but they don't leave a streaky finish to the nail. Most colours I've tried are okay with 1 or 2 coats, glitter shades or paler colours may need 3 but other than that you are good to go! Definitely worth checking out considering the price tag! 

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