Thursday, 1 May 2014

30 day spending ban challenge: IT'S OVER

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So it's May 1st which means I have officially finished my 30 day spending ban challenge (see original post). Myself and Lauren have endured an entire 30 days of this challenge and I have to say I'm glad to see it end. I can't say I'm going to go crazy and buy everything in sight, but it'll definitely be a relief to be able to pick up the odd things here and there. That's probably what I found the hardest on this challenge; not being able to just pick up the odd lipstick or magazine in Asda! 

So my goal for this ban was to treat my bank balance a little bit nicer, which I think I have achieved. I've still spent money on food and drinks but that's basically it. I bought the occasional gift for others, which was allowed. I also confess to one purchase of an item of clothing. I bought a coat from yours clothing, which I am placing in the category of essential and I have been baking alive in my winter coat with a fur trim and was in desperate need of a light summer jacket. That's an essential right? It was also a bargain reduced from £45 to £30 and they had my size! 

I can't say I'll be rushing to do another spending ban any time soon, but it's definitely made me realise how easy it is to spend spend spend! If I purchased everything I wanted to during the last 30days my bank balance would probably be non-existent, so the spending band definitely came in handy. For previous updates please see update 1 and 2. Don't forget to head over to Lauren's blog for her final update and see how she coped over the last 30 days. 

Who knows .. by the time you read this I may have placed a cheeky online order? 

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