Wednesday, 7 May 2014

DIY Spa pamper evening on a budget

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As nice as it may be to go to a Spa for the day, it's sometimes just as nice to bring out your favourite products and give your self an at home pamper evening, for some much needed me time or a get together with friends. So here are some of my favourite things to use:

The first step of course, would be to remove all makeup from your skin with a cleanser, I currently use Garnier Micellar Water (reviewed here) which does the job perfectly. Before using any lotions and potions on my skin it's a good idea to apply some kind of face mask, some of my favourite budget friendly masks are these sachets from Montagne Jeunesse which are around £1 each! This helps sooth the skin and you can buy a specific mask to target any problems such as dry skin, stressed skin and large pores. Another cleansing type product are nose pore strips, which are excellent at removing dead skin and blackheads aswell as imrpoving the appearance of pores. I'm currently using the Boots Tea Tree Pore Strips which are £5 for a pack of 6. 

Once all the rubbish is removed from your skin, then the pampering can begin! For moisture and soothing I enjoy this monu soothing recovery balm; which is lightweight, beautifully scented, soothing and nourishing. Facial oils are also a great option for a spa experience at home as these feel luxurious to apply and can really help combat dry patches and inject moisture back into the skin. This avon heavenly hydration facial oil is a great budget friendly option and currently on sale for just £2.80! This can leave your skin feeling a little oilier than usual, so it's definitely one for the night time so you can allow it to sink in then cleanse off any excess in the morning. 

If you have blemishes then apply some form of blemish treatment directly onto any spots for a quick fix and to help reduce redness. I am currently enjoying using this Witch Skincare blemish gel. For my hair I apply a hair mask, one of my favourites is this nourishing moroccan oil mask from Avon which works really well on dry ends and helps nourish dry, frizzy hair. If you really want to deep treat your hair then leave this on the ends over night. 

To finish off, apply your favourite nourishing lip balm like this one from Alison Claire cosmetics which is a thick, natural balm that really moisturises the lips rather than just coating them. Finally treat your nails to some filing and shaping, a base coat, followed by a neutral colour like this one from ted baker and a top coat. Then relax. 

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