Friday, 16 May 2014

Fragrance Friday #2 : Ted Baker 'Ted's Sweet Treats' Cate Perfume

ted baker sweet treats cate perfume fragrance review

Ted's Sweet Treats are a range of minature fragrances from Ted Baker and this week's fragrance Friday feature is all about 'Cate'*. These are the cutest 10ml bottles of perfume, ideal for handbag journeys and housed in a cute triangle package - I am a sucker for good packaging, and I love this! 

Cate is a mix of subtle fruity scents, with a little bit of floral and a prominent musky scent that lingers and lingers. It smells beautiful and lasts all day long! It's not similar to any other perfumes I own, but it does remind me of something - I just can't think what! The top notes are peach, apple and orange but it's definitely not a fresh fruity fragrance, it has some depth. The floral notes are violet and jasmine, which give it a feminine girly touch and the base notes are vanilla, musk, sandalwood and patchouli. I know why I like this, scents with vanilla, sandalwood and musk in are usually my favourites. If you're more into light, fruity florals then Poppy is for you, and if you like sensual, heavier fragrances check out Vida! 

All of Ted's Sweet Treats retail for £15 and are available at Boots  in store or online. 

*PR Sample

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