Friday, 23 May 2014

Fragrance Friday #3 : Juicy 'Couture Couture'

juicy couture couture perfume bottle sale

Firstly, let's just discuss the packaging. This is a stunning perfume bottle, that looks expensive and looks great out on display. This is my 3rd bottle now, it's definitely one of my favourite scents ever; and yes, I do keep the bottles because they are pretty. 'Couture Couture' by Juicy Couture is actually an infusing mix of two of their best selling fragrances - Juicy Couture and Viva La Juicy. Described as an 'it girl' fragrance it has a mix of floral, fruit and musky notes that together make a delicious, girly yet sophisticated scent. 

Floral notes include star jasmine, plum and honeysuckle whilst the fruity notes include mandarin and natural orange flower. The musky features of the scent include amber, sandalwood and vanilla which really add some depth to the fragrance. I think this is a great fragrance for any age, it's not too light and girly but it isn't too heavy either - so it's also great for all times of year. 

P.s This 100ml bottle is currently half price in superdrug for £27! Such a bargain! 

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