Friday, 30 May 2014

Fragrance Friday: Miami Glow by JLO

miami glow perfume fragrance review

This week's Fragrance Friday is all about a celebrity fragrance; Miami Glow by Jennifer Lopez.  Before this, I hadn't tried any of the JLO scents at all and as far as celebrity scents go there's only been a few I've liked; namely Beyonce, Rhianna and Katy Perry. More and more celebs are releasing perfume, but this one has actually been around a while and you can pick it up at the super cheap price of £13! BARGAIN! 

I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised and impressed by this scent; it's a mix of fruity, holiday type smells, musky vanillas and citrus. Sounds strange, but it works well - I think this is a perfect summer scent and great for holidays! The top notes include passionfruit and grapefruit which give it a sweetness aswell as some coconut. The middle notes include a blend of orange blossom, cyclamen and heliotrope which give it a freshness and citrus-esque touch whilst the base notes include amber, musk and vanilla which give it warmth and depth. It's the kind of scent that lingers and leaves people asking what you're wearing when you walk into the room (which is always nice)! 

It's simple packaging, compact design, cute little bracelet add-on and beautiful fragrance make it the perfect choice for a new holiday perfume or a summer scent. You can find it for the bargain price of £13 on Amazon with free delivery too (link). 

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