Thursday, 8 May 2014

Lush Floating Island bath melt

lush floating island bath melt blog review

There's something about Lush that I just love, and having a product from there is a real bath time treat that I like to indulge in every so often. My sister picked me up this Floating Island Bath Melt (£4.15 link) which is one I've never tried before, finally something new. I normally go for bath bombs rather than bath melts but I really enjoyed using this one. 

Once put into the bath water floating island produced a gentle froth and milky texture to the water, which is caused by the cocoa butter and almond oil which make a moisturising film in the water than absorbs into your skin to leave you feeling velvety and smooth, which it did! It has a beautiful scent that is not too overpowering; it smells of sweet coconut and sandalwood - two of my favourites! The cocoa butter helps soften your skin whilst the sandalwood helps to sooth and uplift aswell as the almond oil which is supposed to hydrate your skin. 

It's definitely not a massive bubble producer, but it does leave you with silky, soft bath water that is perfect for a long relaxing soak. Definitely one I'd purchase again. Any lush product recommendations? 

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