Monday, 5 May 2014

Neal and Wolf Indulgence Scented Candle

neal and wolf indulgence candle blog review

neal and wolf  indulgence candle blog review

neal and wolf  indulgence candle blog review

Luxury candles are something that I haven't really ventured into when it comes to choosing scents, however I have a thing for candles and once I find a scent I like I stick to it (Yankee candle soft blanket, I'm looking at you). Neal and Wolf have recently branched into candles and I jumped at the chance to try one for myself. 

The Indulgence scented candles* smell exactly like the signature Neal and Wolf hair products, delicious! For me, this scent is like no other and it is definitely distinguishable against all other products out there - it truly is unique. With subtle hints of mandarin and orange blossom and soft notes of lily, ylan-ylang and orchid, it's the perfect relaxing aroma to fill a room. As with most candles, you need to allow the wax to melt for a while to get the most out of the scent, but boy this scent is beautiful. It lingers in the room and every so often it just hits you and you find yourself enjoying the delightful smell! It's musky, fruity and floral all in one - so hard to describe, but so perfect! If you like Neal and Wolf hair products you will definitely love this, if you haven't tried them then do - it's the only way to appreciate my description of the scent (haha). 

The candles retail at £17.95 (free delivery) and produce around 45 - 50 hours burn time, slightly less than a medium jar from yankee candle. Housed in a heavy, elegant purple glass it makes the perfect decoration as well as being suitable for a gift! I know I'd certainly be happy to receive one as a gift. 

*PR Sample

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