Sunday, 11 May 2014

Salon Sunday: The £1 Miracle Argan Oil Conditioner

£1 cheap argan oil shampoo and conditioner

So, last month I tried out a new shampoo and conditioner which is the 'Argan Oil' range. I've seen this available in quite a few places for a very low price! I know this is stocked in home bargains if you live near one, lidl also occasionally stock it as well as Tesco and other 'bargain' shops. 

The products include moroccan argan oil extract and claim to provide intense nourishment and conditioning for your hair as well as rejuvenating and re-hydrating. I have to be honest, the hair shampoo snob inside of me wasn't expecting the claims to be true. It's safe to say I was pleasantly surprised! The shampoo left my hair feeling smooth and clean, I wouldn't say it was overly nourishing but it definitely wasn't as drying as other shampoos. 

The main winner here was the conditioner. It literally made my hair feel fantastic. Immediately after applying my hair felt smooth and silky and even after rinsing all the product out my hair felt so nourished. I definitely noticed a difference in the texture of my hair; it was smoother, brushing was easy with no knots and my hair felt hydrated. After drying and styling my hair still felt smooth and soft, so no complaints there. They smell lovely too which is a bonus, but the main attraction is definitely the effects of the conditioner! 

If you live near any of these shops it's worth popping in and picking up a bottle of the conditioner! I have managed to find it online even cheaper (1p less haha) so if you haven't seen it around you can still check it out. The shampoo is £0.99 (link) and the conditioner is £0.99 (link) for a larger sized bottle than my 100ml pictured! Bargain alert! 

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