Sunday, 18 May 2014

Salon Sunday: Frizz free with Trevor Sorbie (& some haircare rules!)

Trevor Sorbie frizz free hair rules haircare boots

This week's Salon Sunday is all about achieving frizz free hair. This shampoo and conditioner duo from Trevor Sorbie is targeted towards dry, frizzy hair and helps to inject moisture and control back into your hair. Retailing at £5.40 each they are certainly a bit more expensive than standard shampoos and conditioners, but I have really enjoyed using them. They contain replenishing technology that gives an intense 
moisture boost to reduce frizz and add shine. 

Who knew there were so many rules to washing and conditioning your hair? For example, you shouldn't really use scrunching circular motions when applying shampoo as this can cause damage to the hair cuticles! Instead you should wash in the direction of the hair growth, gently as shampooing too vigorously can damage the scalp and increase greasiness! Who knew eh?! (just me?). When it comes to conditioner, quality is better than quantity; I definitely found that I needed less of this product to condition my hair than what I use on a regular basis. 

As far as being frizz free, both products together did help reduce frizz somewhat. I have naturally thick, wavy hair and I feel like these helped to tame it a bit. The shampoo felt clarifying and gave my hair a deep clean, it wasn't overly moisturising but then I never expect shampoos to perform in this way anyway! The conditioner left my hair feeling moisturised and nourished, especially at the ends where I have quite dry hair. Styling my hair after using these was great, I felt like my hair was less frizzy and more manageable - plus it smelled delicious, just like a Salon! 

Trevor Sorbie frizz free hair rules haircare boots

If you need even more help to combat frizz, this frizz free shine oil from Trevor Sorbie is a great option for dry, frizzy ends. This is something I use after straightening to really give my hair a sleek, smooth look and help it stay frizz free throughout the day. It can be used as a kind of pre-shampoo treatment, but I haven't tried that method yet. It smells divine, doesn't leave hair feeling greasy and is enriched with Argan Oil which is always a nice addition! It retails for £7.50 and you can purchase it in boots or online (here). 

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