Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Soap and Glory Solar Powder: The perfect Pale Girl's Bronzer

Soap and Glory's Solar Powder bronzer first made an appearance in my blog post all about matte bronzers from the high street/drugstores. Since then I have been using this beauty almost daily and I've swiftly fallen in love with the soft, matte bronze colour. At first when I purchased this I was overwhelmed by the iridescent layer of shimmer on top of the product. Luckily for me, this disappeared after about two uses - which isn't great if you're buying the product for the shimmer of course! 

Once the shimmer leaves, the compact shows off an impressive matte bronzing duo, perfect for paler skin tones. The darker side is a very soft, dark shade that is ideal for contouring and adding depth whilst the pale side is golden and ideal for a sunkissed look. I'd like the point out that the light side isn't 100% matte in the pan, but no amount of shimmer transfers onto the skin - which is great! I like to swirl both colours together for a soft contour/bronze. 

Although both halves of the duo have great pigmentation and a buttery like consistency, I like that they apply lightly to the skin. They do have colour pay off, and they are visible but it's definitely okay to use a heavy hand with this product. That's something that always puts me off bronzers, I use one swipe of my brush and BAM! I'm orange. This is different; it's soft, gentle and beautifully bronze - perfect for my skin tone (I wear ivory foundations). 

For £11 you get an impressive 9g of product, a decent sized mirror and adorable packaging - although I do wish it was a little sturdier instead of cardboard. With that being said, I would still recommend this to all the pale girls out there who are searching for the perfect bronzing contour powder! 

You can purchase it in boots or online 

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