Saturday, 10 May 2014

Tiger Haul (Cardiff)

tiger haul stationary cardiff st davids

Before watching Essie Button and hearing about her love for Tiger, I have to be honest and admit I had never even heard of the store before! When I realised that there was one in Cardiff, I knew I had to visit so I made it my mission to hunt the store down. Luckily it wasn't hard to find and it is officially an amazing shop. If you are someone who enjoys buying 'bits and bobs' (a.k.a useless things), you'll love it as much as I do! As you will see in my little haul below, I did indeed buy some useless things. But I love them: 

tiger haul stationary cardiff

First up is this cute daschund plush toy, that I couldn't resist because I just really really really want a miniature daschund. PLEASE MUM? It's so soft, cute and he was £4. His name is Humphrey in case you were wondering. The little pastel coloured bunny rabbits are actually my sisters, but I thought I'd throw them in the picture because they are too cute not too (£1 each). The multi-coloured placemat was £3 and I thought this was ideal for placing on my white desk to prevent it being ruined by all of my makeup! 

tiger haul stationary cardiff

Let's just talk about my weird obsession with stationary. Is it just me who can't resist a notebook with a cute design on it? Multi coloured paper? Pretty coloured pens and funny shaped erasers? I'm just a sucker for new stationary; and Tiger had plenty! This cute bird notebook was only £1 and the decorative papers were £2 and £1! Seriously affordable stationary in there. I plan on using the papers for a few crafty projects & of course I intend on using my notebook for blogging ideas! 

Have you been to Tiger? Please tell me you love it as much as I do! 

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