Wednesday, 14 May 2014

W7 Naked Nudes Palette Review

w7 naked nude palette urban decay dupe

W7 Naked Nudes Eyeshadow Palette  contains 4 gorgeously neautral shades and is pretty obviously targeted as being some form of dupe for the infamous Naked palettes by urban decay. The palette retails for between £3 - £5 depending on where you purchase, but I've tracked it down on amazon for £2.33 including delivery! 

w7 naked nude palette urban decay dupe

The packaging is sleek and compact with a clear casing allowing you to see all shades. Of course, as with most inexpensive palettes you receive a classic eyeshadow applicator that none of us really use that much. Still a nice addition, but not something I'll make use of. Each shadow is 1.4g which is only slightly less than Mac individual pan shadows (1.5g). The shade range is very subtle and soft in tone with 4 beautiful shades (which I'll refer to as 1 - 4) with a light brown (1), soft beige (2), white (3) and pale pink (4) all of which are shimmer shades. There are of course some naked dupes in here as expected, with all 4 of the shadows being comparable to shades from naked 1 and 2! 

w7 naked nude palette urban decay dupe

shade 1 is a pretty close dupe for Hustle from the original Naked palette, a little less smokey but a darker metallic brown all the same. Whilst shade 2 is comparable to Verve from Naked 2, with its silver undertones and almost pewter shade. Shade 3 is a basic white shadow with a very subtle hint of pink quite similar to virgin from naked 1 or venus from the naked basics palette. Finally, shade 4 is a soft metallic pink which is almost identical to bootycall from Naked 2! In texture they are smooth and buttery, making for easy application and minimal fall out. I find the white shade is a little powder-y compared to the others, but nothing too major. 

Overall it's a great little palette for the price and includes some gorgeous, everyday nude shades that suit almost any skin tone. The colour pay off is great, the shades are pretty and you'll get a lot of product for the price in a handy sized case. The only thing missing for me is a mirror inside, but that's just me being picky. You can find the palette below for £2.33 including delivery: 

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