Thursday, 29 May 2014

Wishlist: Pastel Blue Fashion Trend

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Lately, I've seen so many lovely things that are this pretty pastel blue shade, it's everywhere at the moment and as a general life rule - I love pastels, so this is a bonus! Although I'm not overly keen on this shade in clothing (other than jeans), I've found so many items I love in this colour including some accessories and what I guess you could call electronics... is that weird? I'm talking about these pretty perriwinkle blue GHD stylers (£110 - I wish) and this amazing pastel blue Fuji Instax Camera (£57 - high on wishlist!) 

In terms of accessories, pastels are huge at the moment. This gorgeous perforated mini shopper from Zara comes in a great range of colours, as well as the larger version but I just love this pale blue shade - it's also only £29.99 which is a great price! It would be perfect for summer, along with these Topshop retro glasses which are light blue with pink floral details. Okay, so I probably wouldn't wear these anywhere other than my own garden, but they were too cute not to include in this pastels wishlist for summer! 

To finish off, this Barry M Gelly Shine polish in huckleberry is perfect for fingers and toes and definitely a shade on my 'to buy list' very soon! I love the finish of these polishes, they are super shiny and have a great wear time of around 4-5 days chip free, not bad for £2.79! This stunning light blue statement necklace from Aldo (available at ASOS) is rediculously pretty and I really like the design, it would look great paired with a plain white tshirt for a casual look or worn with a pretty dress for a more formal look. 

Do you like any of these? What's on your wishlist at the moment?  

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