Friday, 13 June 2014

Fragrance Friday: Next Adore Perfume (Budget friendly)

next adore perfume dupe smells like jimmy choo

This week's fragrance friday is host to another budget friendly fragrance for you to get your hands on. 'Adore' by Next Perfumes is described as a glamourous and sophisticated fragrance with stunning florals and golden amber notes. It's packaging both bottle and cardboard are undeniably similar to Jimmy Choo, and odds are if you are a fan of the original Jimmy Choo scent then you'll probably love this too! 

It's subtle, floral, sweet and feminine and an ideal everyday fragrance for all ages. It's not a heavy scent and the floral notes aren't overpowering, yet it is long lasting and often leaves people asking what perfume you have on!  Priced at just £10 for a huge 100ml bottle this is definitely one of the best budget friendly fragrances I've tried and it's one I always go back to! Definitely worth checking out if you are after a light, fresh, floral and sweet fragrance! 

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