Saturday, 21 June 2014

Getting your nails summer ready with Ted Baker plus handy Tips

Top Tips to get your nails ready for Summer:

Use a 4 way nail file to help prep and shape your nails before painting. This 4 way nail tool from ted baker has everything you need to achieve the perfect nails. Just file, smooth, buff and shine before painting to create smooth and shaped nails that will help nail colours to last even longer 

Prep your hands with hand cream to soothe the area and reduce dryness; my personal favourite is the oriental hand cream from Ted Baker which is only around £2 in Boots! 

To avoid getting nail polish all around the cuticle area simply rub some vaseline onto the areas of skin you want to avoid, this will help stop nail varnish transferring onto you skin making application quick and easy 

Apply a base coat to help reduce staining of the nail bed and apply a top coat to help improve staying power 

Apply several thin coats of nail polish rather than one thick coat - this will help improve drying time and result in less chipping

Trim and clip nails into shape to achieve an even look; short, straight nails are perfect for a fuss free look and a natural shape.  

Experiment with nail colours; summer shades can include pretty pastels, neon brights and gorgeous metallics like this beautiful rose gold colour from Ted Baker (see post here)

Do you have any handy tips you'd like to share? (see what I did there?) 

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