Thursday, 12 June 2014

Non beauty favourites #3

I thought it was about time to share some non-beauty related favourites that I've been loving recently. I always find it slightly strange writing about non-makeup/beauty favourite items but you seem to enjoy reading these posts so here's a quick round up of some of my favourite things from the past two months: 

I've been trying to create some framed pictures to go on a future gallery wall in my room; so far I really really love how this DIY map frame one turned out! You can see the full post here but I framed my 'hometown' in a white frame as a little personal touch to go on the wall. I really like it, such a simple idea but so effective. 

Netflix: Okay, so I've developed a major addiction to Netflix again recently - so here are a few of my favourites to watch. Of course, Orange is The New Black season 2 was released on the 6th of June and I obviously binge-watched it in 3 days. I LOVE IT! Seriously, check out this series both season 1 and 2 are awesome and addictive. Don't be put off my the amount of boobs in the first scene - it's really worth a watch. I also loved 'craigslist joe' which was a documentary style programme about a young american guy surviving for one whole month with nothing other than Craigslist (free ads) and the kindness of strangers - a real uplifting hour or so that makes you realise that there is some good left in humanity! Finally I finished Derek season 1 which I absolutely loved, it's such a heart-warming, funny and happy/sad programme! 

I actually got a new phone this month too! I was due an upgrade and went for the Sony Xperia M2 which is an android phone - I'm such a fan of the android phones although I did consider getting an i-phone but I just stuck with what I knew. So far it's a great phone and I'm loving having a fresh new white phone and this tan leather case from ebay is another favourite! 

I've been loving wearing silver jewellery lately; my pandora heart ring is a firm favourite and I usually wear this everyday and I also picked up this plain silver band ring from ebay for a few pounds which I wear as a thumb ring! I just love silver rings! 

Finally I couldn't not mention these delicious irish caramel toffee sweets that Lauren sent me, they are so nice and I keep them in my little kilner jar. I love keeping things in jars - is that weird? 

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