Saturday, 28 June 2014

Real Techniques Re-tractable lip brush

real techniques retractable lip brush review

real techniques retractable lip brush review

When it comes to applying lipsticks I'm more of an apply and go kinda gal, which is why i normally choose easy to wear shades that result in error free application - no bleeding, no lipstick on the teeth and shades that don't need to look perfectly neat. However, I do have a few shades in my collection which require a little bit more time to apply neatly such as dark purples, brighter shades or reds. 

Recently I've been using the Real Techniques Re-tractable lip brush to apply my lipstick when I wear a more bold colour in order to get a neat finish and also to control the application. I find that with darker colours especially, applying them straight from the bullet can look a bit too bold for my liking and I find it hard to control the amount of colour I apply - so this brush gives me the perfect middle ground. 

real techniques retractable lip brush review

As you can hopefully see from the picture, using this brush helps to achieve a more defined lip shape and controlled application. This is great for using with bright shades, bold colours or deep tones as it reduces the liklihood of lip colours bleeding out and also helps with staying power. It's packaged in a great retractable format meaning your brush can stay clean, it takes up little space in any makeup bag and is a great size to acheive precise applicaation. Definitely worth checking out for the £7 price tag. Plus it's pink - bonus! 

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