Sunday, 15 June 2014

Salon Sunday: Batiste dry shampoo

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Is it just me that finds washing hair to be an absolute bore of a chore? I'm sure if you have short hair you'll disagree but if you have long, thick hair like me then I'm sure you understand just how long it takes to wash/dry/style your hair! First is the washing and conditioning, then comes the brushes and seperating into sections to dry, then the blast of the hairdryer where your hair quadruples in size and then you're onto to styling/straightening. THEN to top it all off, in a day or two you need to repeat the process all over again!

This is exactly why I am an advocate of dry shampoo (that sounds really serious, but I basically love the stuff). Batiste is one of the best brands around for affordable dry shampoo; bringing you brightly patterned bottles of freshly washed hair that enable you to spray and go, reviving second day hair. Using Batiste dry shampoo is a quick way to get rid of any grease or oil in the roots of your hair, to freshen hair and leave a longer time between washes. It's actually not a good idea to wash your hair daily anyway - but this just makes the waiting period inbetween easier to get along with. It also means that the whole kerfuffle (i love that word) of drying your hair etc can be less time consuming in your week! 

So many varieties are available; my favourites are blush and tropical - although tropical can sometimes appear very white in your hair. With all of them, you do need to rub into the hair properly to avoid the grey/talc ridden look - but this takes a fraction of the time that washing and drying would so it's a win for me! If you have darker hair you should check out the dark dry shampoos that have been especially formulated for brunettes and if you're looking for volume this XXL volume is amazing for adding oomph (I also love that word) and texture to your hair! Hands down the best brand of dry shampoo I have tried! Thanks Batiste for saving me about 4 hours every week!! 

*not a sponsored post, no PR samples - I literally worship this product*  

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