Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The 5 product face: Simple everyday makeup

the 5 product face five staple makeup products beginners

I love nothing more than applying my makeup in the morning, deciding what I want to wear on my face that day and experimenting with new products. BUT, sometimes I just want to slap on my face and go - and that's exactly what these products let me do; keep things quick, minimal and fuss free. 

For foundation, Avon's ideal flawless foundation is perfect for me as it's good coverage, doubles as a concealer and has enough of a matte finish that I don't need to powder (unless I'm going to be out all day). It's a great fuss free foundation, easy to apply and buff in with a foundation brush and long lasting - this is a serious winner for me and you can read my full review in this post. The only other face product needed for a fuss free look is a blush and Nars Deep Throat is the perfect everyday pink colour that adds enough subtle shimmer to add some light back into your complexion (see review/swatches here). 

For the eyes you really can't go wrong with the Naked Basics palette from Urban Decay. It houses 5 matte shades and 1 shimmer shade - I use this for my eyeshadow (matte light colours), highlight (shimmer), brow (brown) and eyeliner (black). That's 4 makeup steps in one handy little palette - it's a must have for me. For mascara my fool proof, easy to use and good in one coat option is Loreal's telescopic clean definition mascara. This mascara gives a natural, lenghtened and volumised finish without looking clumpy and looks great in one quick coat. A definite time saver. Finally for the lips, I keep it simple with a tinted lip balm like this mango tin o tint from Miners Cosmetics which gives a great wash of colour and moisturises lips, this was reviewed in yesterday's blog post! 

What's your favourite go-to makeup item for simple days? 

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