Wednesday, 30 July 2014

YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush shade 7 (Corail Affranchi)

YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush shade 7 (Corail Affranchi)

YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush shade 7 (Corail Affranchi)

YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush shade 7 (Corail Affranchi)

A bit of luxury in today's blog comes in the form of my first product from YSL! I've always adrmired the overly luxurious packaging (and prices) and I have to say, that they really do feel like a little bit of luxury in your collection. 

I thought I'd review this YSL Babydoll Kiss and Blush after seeing a lot of hype surrounding them. This stunning orange coral shade is number 7 (Corail Affranchi) and comes packaged in what first looks like a nail polish bottle at first glance with the signature YSL gold packaging. Housed in the lid is this heart like shaped wand that allows you to use this easily as a lip and cheek product. 

When it comes to multi use products, I usually find that I prefer it as one or the other - they are generally not brilliant at doing both jobs. This one however really is! For lips I love applying it directly from the bottle using the applicator included, it's a gorgeous matte coral shade that is perfect for summer and long lasting. As it's matte I'd recommend a good lip balm underneath, but generally speaking I don't find the formula to be overly drying. The colour lasts a fair amount of time, probably 3-4 hours. It isn't a staining product, so I'd say that was pretty good. 

For a blush, I use the applicator to pop some on my hand and then use a stipple brush to apply it to the cheeks. It gives a glowing flush of coral to the cheeks and looks lovely on. You don't need a huge amount of product, so this will last a decent length of time. In terms of staying power it's pretty darn awesome - I find it still looks great at the end of the day and although a cream formula it blends nicely into the skin without sitting on top of foundation weirdly. 

They are a bit pricey at £27 each (here), but for a product that actually works well as both a lipstick and a blush I love it! The shade range is quite extensive with 12 shades on offer, so I would love to get my hands on a pink-toned shade next! 

Have you tried this product? What luxury makeup item would you recommend? 

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Graduation Makeup: Do's and Don'ts!

graduation makeup tips


  • Prep and Prime : You want your makeup to last all day, so be sure to prep your skin and give yourself a good base to work with. Moisturise regularly to keep skin smooth and soft and maybe avoid any spf moisturisers that day - you don't want any flashback on those pictures. A good primer will help your makeup stay in place, some of my faves include the elf mineral face primer (here) and Benefit pore-fessional. 
  • Keep it simple : Neutral eyes are a safe bet and won't clash with any dresses and gowns. Use makeup you feel comfortable wearing but that makes you feel confident. 
  • Take some essentials with you : A setting powder, a powder brush and some lipstick are a must. If you're ceremony is anything like mine you'll be sat in a hot room with hundreds of people in a thick graduation gown. Mattifying powder is a must, especially to take the shine away in photographs. Take your lipstick of choice along with you, it's always good to top up especially if you'll be sipping some champers too! 
  • Stray from your comfort zone: If you like wearing a pale pink or nude lip, don't opt for a bright red or deep purple on the big day. The last thing you want to do is feel uncomfortable so stick to what you enjoy. 
  • Forget the photos: There are a few products that reek havoc on flash photography, a well known one being any form of HD powder (usually white, translucent powder) that lots of celebs have made the mistake wearing (see here). 
  • Go with a crazy hair do: Okay so not exactly a makeup tip, but those graduation hats (or mortar boards if you want to be snazzy) are a bugger. They just wont sit on 'up dos' and I'd definitely recommend taking a few bobby pins to help secure it in place if you're worried about it falling off. Just don't forget to remove the pins before doffing! 
  • Forget to smile: No amount of makeup can look as good as having fun and smiling on your graduation day. So if you're about to graduate - have fun, enjoy the day, try not to stress and take lots of pictures you can look back on and be proud of! 
So, if you're going to be graduating soon - enjoy it & well done! Obviously these are just my personal tips; I actually thoroughly enjoyed my day even though I had said for ages I really didn't want to go. It went surprisingly smoothly and wasn't stressful at all. The weather was dry, my hat stayed put and my makeup lasted the day! 

Monday, 28 July 2014

Beauty Bargains: The £1 beauty blender sponge

ebay beauty blender review dupe

ebay beauty blender review

For some reason, I've just never been into applying make up with a sponge. As much as people rave about the original beauty blender - I just can't bring myself to part so much money for a sponge (£15!). So, I found a similar 'dupe' style sponge on ebay for 99pence and decided to try it out. 

It arrived shortly after, which is great considering it was all the way from China! The texture was a surprise, it feels less like a soft sponge and more firm and bouncy. The shape is ideal for blending all areas, with the smallest end being great for under eye and around the nose etc. I usually find with most sponges that they absorb far too much of the product, but due to the texture of this it didn't at all. 

To apply I pop the foundation onto my hand, dip the sponge in and then dab all around the face rather than smoothing over - this helps to get more coverage. It's actually a bit more time consuming than a regular brush, so I wouldn't use this if I was in a rush. But, I did really like the finish it gave. It allowed the foundation to blend nicely into my skin and gave more coverage out of the likes of BB/CC type creams (my fave is the bourjois CC cream). 

The only thing that bugs me is the washing. I find you need to wash a sponge way more regular than a brush as it does collect a bit of foundation and become a bit grubby. Washing it's fine though, it pretty much cleans up completely and goes back to it's normal shape - though it does take a while to dry! 

Overall - quite impressed with this! I still wouldn't pay the full price for a beauty blender, but I'd definitely get another one of these so I could have a spare for when this is in the wash! 

I got it from this seller - but there are 100s of them on ebay with lots of different colours and most are less than £1! 

Friday, 25 July 2014

Products I regret buying // Disappointing Products #3

products i regret buying

products i regret buying

When it comes to being a 'beauty blogger' or general makeup enthusiast it's almost garanteed that at some point, you will purchase products you just don't like. If you missed the last installment of me rambling on about products that just didn't work for me, you can catch up with that post here. But today I bring you another ramble about some of the products I've tried, tested and just didn't enjoy. As usual, a quick disclaimer - these aren't bad products, they just didn't work for me and what works for one individual doesn't always work for the next. Sometimes it's just a case of personal preference, other times it's a case of different skin types or just a bad batch of a certain product in a line! Anyway, I'll get straight onto the next batch of disappointing products:

A non makeup related item is the John Freida Frizz-ease 3 day straight spray; this haircare product just didn't work for me at all. I'd read a lot of great reviews about this and it is essentially a styling spray that claims to lock in your straight hair and reduce the amount of straightening you need to do. My hair is very wavy and unruly, and this just didn't live up to my expectations. It certainly helped with frizz when drying my hair and made it look quite sleek and straight, but for a '3 day' straight it made absolutely no difference. I'm sure it's just my hair but I just wasn't born to have straight hair. The slightest bit of moisture or humidity makes my hair go POOF and quadruple in size, and this didn't stop that.

Onto actual makeup products and there's actually a few recent buys in the line up! Firstly this bourjois happy light concealer just didn't work for me at all. I found it to be very drying once applied and almost too thick to blend in fully - it just clung to dry areas and made spots appear even more than normal. I actually featured the bourjois happy light primer in my last products I regret buying - so maybe it's just something about that range that I don't like. 

The Senna eyebrow pencil in taupe was a bargain buy at just 99pence, although the shade was perfect unfortunately the formula didn't do so well. It's rather hard and has little colour pay off - not great for brows in my opinion. The No7 precision liner is a strange one, I love the applicator and at first the liner applies great but throughout the day it just disappears completely - so I think there are definitely better ones out there. 

The Elf eyeshadow stick is a gorgeous shade but unfortunately the shimmer in this shade is more like large uncomfortable chunks of glitter that you can really feel, so I didn't like this at all. I image some of the less shimmer shades would be okay, but this one didn't work for me. The balmi lip balm is more of a packaging complaint than a product complaint - it's just awkward. The square never quite sits correctly, the lid always comes off and the inside of the lid ruins the product. The balm itself is okay, but nothing special that warrents £5. 

Finally these two Revlon baby stick blushers are a regret. Luckily they were a bargain price but they just don't work. I like the concept of a stick blush but these had little to no colour pay off at all - so I just didn't use them. The idea is great - but unfortunately they didn't live up to the name! 

I'd be interested to know if you've had any experience with any of these products? Let me know in the comments below! 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Festival Beauty Essentials

festival beauty tips mac calvin klein fragrance paint pot spf

When it comes to summer it's great to keep things simple and fuss free. So I decided to make a list of some summer essentials, great for festivals or summer days out! So if you're lucky enough to be heading somewhere such as V fest or to a Carnival then here are a few beauty items worth putting in your bag! 

For fragrance, this Euphoria deodarant natural spray from Calvin Klein is awesome. These handy sized sprays are refreshing, smell great and help keep you smelling sweet and summery rather than smelling like you've spend two days in a field at a festival. These sprays are more affordable than the perfumes themselves and double as a freshening deodarant spray througout the day. You can find this 150ml bottle on Click Fragrance for just £14.50! SPF is essential, hopefully you'll get some sun rays instead of rain but either way - some SPF is a great addition to your travel bag. This SPF 50 from Malibu was a great buy that came in a Duo Pack with Sun Protection Face Cream SPF 50 & Lip Balm SPF 30 which you can find from amazon for around £6! 

Now onto the beauty side of things. Rather than wear a full face of makeup, summer days out and festivals are all about keeping things fun and simple. A concealer like this maybelline fit me concealer is great for under eyes after a long night partying and also to cover any spots. A quick coat of mascara is all you need to feel awake in the morning, this miners volumising maxi mascara is super black and great in one coat as well as being compactly packaged. Another eye product that's great for travel bags are the mac paintpots (or maybelline colour tattoos which are a lot cheaper). This Mac shade is rubenesque and is a playful rose gold that looks amazing on and really catches the light and glistens - making it perfect for summer nights! 

A mini nail polish is always a good idea; simply paint your nails before you go and then take a mini bottle to top up any chips that appear! This gorgeous orange shade is from Essie and is called 'Brazilliant' available from Cosmetic Fairy for 99p! Finally a duo product for the cheeks and lips. This cream blush/lip tint from Essence is perfect for summer; it's a playful bright pink and actually works well on lips and cheeks - which doesn't happen often with these kind of products that claim to be multi purpose. 

Of course there are other essentials like wet wipes and dry shampoo (girls best friend). Are you heading to any festivals this year? 

Monday, 21 July 2014

Primark Ps Love Waterproof Mascara Review

primark waterproof mascara review
primark waterproof mascara  

So I've mentioned the PS Love makeup range from Primark a few times on the blog now; I'm legitemately impressed with most of the products I've tried and as you all probably know - I love a good bargain. So, when I saw this waterproof mascara for £2 I thought I'd give it a whirl. I've previously tried the £1 standard mascara which was actually pretty great considering the price, you can see it in action in this post along with other primark beauty buys and mini reviews/swatches.

The waterproof mascara comes in this metallic blue tube that is chunky, similar to most of the maybelline mascaras in shape and size. It has a short, fat plastic wand with short plastic bristles to grip lashes. The formula itself is quite wet, so I found it best to apply in thin coats and apply 2 coats rather than go for one thick coat on the lashes. What I liked about this mascara is that even though it is waterproof, it was still easy to remove at the end of the day without making lashes crispy and dry. Yet - it also lasted throughout the day, didn't smudge and would probably be a great option for holiday when you're at the beach or the pool. I can't vouch for it lasting through swimming, but it is definitely a longer lasting formula than the regular mascara so that's gotta be a good thing right? 

For £2, it's definitely worth checking out! I was pretty impressed with the black colour, the little bit of length and a good amount of volume it gave! 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Summer Sunday: Summer Yankee Candle Scents

yankee candle cheap summer

I'm a huge fan of Yankee Candle, they are definitely one of the best around when it comes to candles and my favourite way to enjoy them is the little wax tarts for the burner. They are the cheapest most purse friendly way to try out a whole range of scents and these £1.25 wax tarts last ages and fragrance an entire room! 

Here are a few of my favourite summer scents that are perfect for this time of year. I love fresh, floral and fruity scents for summer rather than heavy, sweet scents and some of my favourites are the lemon scents! Sicilian lemon and Sparkling lemon are both really fresh and citrus like, and definitely one for you if you like fresh, fruity scents - sparkling lemon literally smells like fresh lemonade! Another sweet fruity scent is pink dragon fruit which smells like sweeties and reminds me of the smell of lush stores - so if you like the smell of lush shops then you'll love this one! 

For the less sweet but more floral smells I really like garden sweet pea which is subtle but a very lovely scent that is fresh and floral. For something a little different, pineapple cillantro is a good choice! It sounds bizarre but is actually a really nice scent that just reminds me of summer & pineapple cocktails! I also love black coconut and vanilla lime, they would have made the photo if I had them in my little stock pile! 

What's your favourite summer scent? 

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Rant: Being Alone

Today I thought I'd talk about a bit of a strange subject; being alone; in the general sense of the word. As someone who enjoys being alone, I wonder if anyone else does too? 

First of all, I'd like to point out that there is a massive difference to being alone and being lonely; it's perfectly okay to experience both but what I'm talking about today isn't feeling lonely, it's the time spent alone and how I've come to crave it and enjoy it

I don't want this to make me sound like some kind of hermit who spends 24 hours of each day in her room, but I do enjoy spending time by myself. It's not that I don't enjoy others company - I certainly do. I love seeing friends and spending time with them whether it's in their/my house or going for lunch and shopping - that kind of company is awesome, and important too. I also love spending time with my family; I still live at home and we are a very close-knit family who enjoy one anothers company and I'm glad that I don't have an entire house to myself as it would feel empty and boring. BUT, I like my own space and I need it. Sometimes I just need to be alone just for clarity and to feel calm - it doesn't mean I don't like spending time with others - it just means that I enjoy having a break from it

I love spending time alone, I like the peace and the quiet that comes along with it. I like sitting on the edge of my bed and just thinking of nothing. I like sitting at my desk and throwing myself into my blog with no distractions. I like sitting in a cafe on my own enjoying some kind of coffee and mooching the free wifi. I like shopping on my own with no stress over who wants to go in which shop. I like walking to the shops on my own, taking the long way around and just looking at the trees. I like just sitting on my own and doing whatever I want to do and thinking about whatever I want/need to think about. 

I don't crave constant company, but I appreciate it and enjoy it when I have it. I don't hate being alone unless it's at night time and there are creepy noises. I don't  need to be in a relationship to feel happy with myself and I don't need to be surrounded by people all day every day. What I do need is a couple of great friends, my family and myself. And all of those three groups need some dedicated time - that means friends time, family time and ME time. So, if I don't want to join you on your weekend full of crazy antics or be a constant busy bee on the go, that's okay. If I want to sit in a cafe on my own, that's okay. And, if I enjoy my own company - that's okay too! 

I'm not sure what I wanted to get out of this post, I just felt the need to ramble. It's probably because I went to town a few weeks ago and decided to stop for lunch on my way home in the local pub and I just sat on my own. At first it felt weird, made me slightly anxious that people would think I was some kind of weirdo taking up a table of 4 with no company. But then I just enjoyed it, I had lovely food - of course, checked into the free wifi and had a relaxing 30 minutes of uninterrupted food -- Unless you count the staff who asked me 3 times if everything was okay. They were probably just being polite, because surely it isn't that strange for a girl to sit at a table and eat alone? Is it? 

So I guess what I want to know is, does anyone else enjoy being alone? I do - and it's okay. 

Friday, 18 July 2014

Blog Takeover: Bang On Trend- Got The Blues

Hi everyone I'm Lauren from makeupbylaurenmarie. Recently while I was browsing the shops I couldn't help notice the amount of blue clothing and accessories. I have put together some must haves for this season to get you bang on trend, ranging from that elegant royal blue to fun minty blue that gives you an instant summery vibe. Overall there is something here for everyone and after doing this post I have the strong urge to buy those wedges.....I must resist. Think of your spending ban Lauren! Also how gorgeous is that necklace? strongly urge you seeing this one in real life its like a mermaid made a baby and its was this pretty. 

1. Blue Waffle Skater Dress: New Look
2.Striped Lace Detail Top: Topshop
3.Blue Sunglasses: River Island
4. Bikini Top & Bottoms (sold Individually) River Island T & B
5. Royal Blue Pumps: Forever 21
6. Whistles Clutch Bag With Chain: Asos
7. Skater Skirt: River Island
8. Wedges: New Look
9. Blue Cap Sleeved Dress: Dorothy Perkins 
10. Baby Blue Purse: River Island
11. Glistering ,Statement Necklace: New Look

Anything here tickle your pickle? What colours are you wearing this summer? 

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Blog Takeover: Neom Luxury Organic Candles review

Today's blog takeover is bought to you by the lovely Laura from Liberty Loves Makeup - You'll love Laura's blog if you love all things beauty related, honest reviews and a mix of drugstore and high end beauty - so make sure you give her blog a look and follow her bloglovin. So, let's see what Laura has to say about her Neom Candles: 

I've been a little bit obsessed by NeomOrganics at the moment. I love lots of candles but not ones you burn and your walls are left with a nice little ring of soot. No thank you. So I wanted to see if the hype about these products was right!

They are not the cheapest candles around, but with the words Luxury and Organic in I didn't expect them to be cheap. I thought I would give the smaller travel versions of the candles  a try; one for financial reasons and the second just in case I didn't like them.

The three in this range are gorgeous; happiness, refresh and sumptuous. All I can say is there are no heady smells when you burn these candles, no fake or artificial scents and no black soot on my white walls! 

I want the larger sizes now - that's about the only problem I see with this range. Have you tried Neom candles yourself?

Thanks for reading 
Laura xx

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Blog Takeover: Summer Beauty Wishlist

Hello Lovely Jubbly Blog readers! I'm Bex and I blog over at Futures. I'm here today with a beauty wishlist which is a little bit different for me as of late. Over the past few months, I had pretty much fallen out of love with beauty - I had no real money to buy new products so stuck to my old faithfuls - and working from home meant I got stuck into a routine of wearing little to no makeup at all - why waste it if I wasn't going out? Now that it is summer, my love has suddenly been reignited - and here are the items I am currently coveting..

Estee Lauder blushes, particularly Electric Pink, (available at are actually on my want list because of this very blog. Jess has ensured that I have fallen in love with the packaging, the shades - and her review made me want them even more. I have tried the Caudalie Beauty Elixir before - and loved it - so I need another in my collection now that I have finished my first bottle.
The Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturiser, YSL lipstick and Nars lipgloss are all being coveted due to blog reviews too - I always hear such great things about them and they have earned their place on my wishlist wholeheartedly - I would buy most of the NARS cosmetics range if I could.

My lips are my favourite part of my body (weird, huh?) and I have an obsession with lip products so the lip scrub from Lush and EOS lip balm are a must. I am still yet to try any of the lip scrubs Lush have to offer - shocking, I know - and I hear that Bubblegum is meant to be the best so will definitely pick it up in the near future. I have tried Balmi lip balms in the past which are similar to EOS but I desperately want to try the real thing...would you recommend them?

Finally - Thierry Mugler Alien. When it comes to summer, every girl needs a new fragrance in their life - and I caught a whiff of this for the first time the other day and fell in love. The price tag isn't exactly the cheapest...but can you really put a price on smelling that good?

What products are on your beauty wishlist right now?

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Blog Takeover: M&S Nature's Extracts Antiperspirant Roll On (Cruelty Free)

Hi, I'm Helen from Tea in the Tub, a cruelty-free lifestyle and beauty blog. Today Jess has kindly let me do a post for her lovely readers so I'm here to tell you about Marks & Spencer’s Nature’s Extracts Antiperspirant Roll Ons.

There are countless cruelty-free deodorants but finding a cruelty-free antiperspirant deodorant is near impossible. (Deodorants just cover up smells whereas antiperspirant’s stop you from sweating). I already love the M&S body butters (see my review here), so when I found out about BUAV approved Nature’s Extracts roll ons, I was straight down to M&S to stock up. Currently (July ’14) they are on a 3 for 2 offer so that’s £1 each!

I purchased Blissful Strawberry and Fresh Aloe Vera but Creamy Coconut and Pampering Cocoa Butter are also available. As you can imagine, the strawberry roll on smelt very sweet but I found that the fragrance was a bit too subtle for me so I had to reapply it later on in the day. The aloe vera fragrance lasted longer but had more of an alcohol waft to it.

Overall they are not the best antiperspirants I have used but as they are animal friendly and at an affordable price, I will most likely be buying them again so that I can try all the whole range of fragrances. I also like that each fragrance has it's whole range so if you like the Blissful Strawberry roll on, you can also buy it as a body butter, hand cream, shower gel, the list goes on.

If you would like more cruelty-free reviews and much more, please come visit me at Tea in the Tub or find me on Twitter @teainthetub I'd love to here from you. Thanks for having me Jess!

Helen x

Monday, 14 July 2014

Beauty Bargain haul: Tk Maxx

tk maxx beauty real techniques style file great lash bourjois

If like me you enjoy a good beauty bargain, then one of my suggestions would be to head to your local Tk.Maxx and check out their beauty section. Here's a little snippet of info for you, I actually worked in my local TkMaxx for 3 years as a teenager and you really can find some gems in there. Their beauty section includes big name brands, high end beauty, drugstore beauty and also USA beauty products, not to mention their awesome haircare and skincare section too. So I decided to pop in a week or so ago and check out what was new in store: 

The first thing I picked up was this Maybelline Great Lash mascara (£2.99) which was an absolute steal for a branded mascara! I've actually never tried this before now but I really do like it; the formula is very black and thickening and the brush grips top and bottom lashes well - it's a great size. I also found a huge selection of 'style files' which are specially shaped nail files made by Tom Pellereau from The Apprentice (anyone else love that show?). The style file set was another bargain at just £2.99 and came with the original style file, the 4 way buffer and a little emergency file - gold star if you get the reference between Tom and his emergency biscuit! Finally I found this Bourjois gel nail polish (£2.99) in this gorgeous lavender shade which I've tried and I am undecided on! I used it without a top coat and it only lasted around 3 days, which would be okay except it's a gel polish so I really expected it to last a little longer. 

Have you ever found any beauty bargains is Tk.Maxx? 

Sunday, 13 July 2014

'Blog Takeover' Summer Sunday: Go To Summer Nail polishes

left to right: Kiko 389, Models Own Beach Bag, Models Own Sunhat, Bourjois Blue No Blues, Essie cute as a button.

Summer is finally here and now its time to crack open the bright nail polishes. There is nothing more refreshing than looking at your nails in the summertime and them being so vibrant and colourful. It truly is the little things in life that can brighten up peoples day...or maybe its just me. 

I have a selection of my favourite polishes to wear in the summertime, all super affordable and all actually under £10. First of is Kiko 389, I picked this up in Barcelona last year, painted my nails straight away and was seriously impressed by not only the quality but the intensity of the colour with only 1 coat. This is a neon mint green, looks great with a tan and it kind of glows in the dark. Well not really but it stands out in the dark if that makes sense. Next are two from the Models Own for tan range. These are literally perfect for summertime. I have Beach Bag which is a neon pastel orange/peach and Sunhat which is a barbie, in your face pink. Both super opaque and really creamy. I will say they do need 2 coats to get full effect and its best to wear a top coat to prevent chipping. I find some neons have a tendency to chip easy. 

Next is my fave of the bunch and its Bourjois 1 second gel effect in Blue No Blues, this is a bright baby blue. This was made for the summer and the formula is amazing. One coat and your good to go and its shines and last for days. Lastly is one of the first Essie polishes I ever bought. Essie Cute as Button, mainly bought because I seen it on Fleur de Force (very easily led) and whenever I wear it I go around singing Cute as a Button, which is a American Dad reference. if you got that, your amazing. Anyway long story short cute as a button is a bright but not too in your face coral. It just looks like summer is happening on your nails. 

So there you have it, my go to Bright Summer Nails. Let me know what polishes you like to wear in the summer months and if you want to read more from me check out my blog where I blog everyday. 

Saturday, 12 July 2014

Primark Matte Lipsticks (£1!)

primark lipstick swatch matte

You all must know by now that I love me a beauty bargain, so when I saw this matte lipstick in the beauty section at Primark, I just had to try it. At only £1 I didn't have massively high hopes but I thought it was a gorgeous colour - turns out it's actually lovely too! 

It doesn't have a shade name but its a very bright matte pink with a little bit of a coral undertone rather than being a blue toned candy pink! The packaging is just a simple plastic casing with a gold lid, not too luxurious looking but certainly not offensive. First thing I noticed was the scent, it's a sugary sweet vanilla scent so if you like the smell of Mac lipsticks then you'll probably find this to be a bonus! 

The shade itself applied almost identical to the bullet, but perhaps a little softer. The formula is creamy although it is a matte shade and I definitely didn't find this drying - which is always a plus for matte lipsticks. In terms of staying power I'd say you could get a few hours wear from this, maybe 2 - 3 hours which isn't too bad at all for the £1 price tag IMO. 

Definitely worth checking out next time you're at Primark! 

Friday, 11 July 2014

Fashion Friday: Comfy Trainers

new balance, galaxy nike free run, vans, converse, white, glitter, toms, crochet,

Okay, so I'm just going to go ahead and say it : I hate heels! They just aren't me, I don't own a pair and I probably never will I just don't like them. Trainers however? YES! I always wear flat shoes and whilst I love having pumps and ballet style shoes, I always return to faithful trainers and I can't get enough of them. I thought I'd throw together a quick wishlist of trainers currently in my 'want to buy but can't afford' list. 

Now that it's summer I find myself eyeing up som Crochet Toms , they are so pretty and apparently very comfortable although I imagine them to be very very thin to walk on? Either way, these are such a cute show for summer - I can imagine wearing them to the beach! Of course, Vans  are my ultimate favourite and I'd buy them over and over again as long as they keep producing them - I'm buying! I really really want a pair of all white vans, just because they look so crisp and clean although I can almost guarantee I'll stain them with something that doesn't come out in the wash because that's just my luck. Another white on white pair are these classic converse, Love the white and converse are so easy to wear - heads up, size down in converse, they are huge! These Glitter Plimsolls  in the style of vans are another want; I love the dark glitter and I'd like to think they are as comfy as Vans although nothing compares to the original IMO! I

For actual trainers, I desperately want some Nike Free runs, I tried a pair on in store and oh my they are the comfiest shoes I have ever stepped foot in. They literally feel like walking on clouds, now I'm all about that! I recently purchased some sketchers flexi sole trainers that are very similar in fit but these gorgeous purple galaxy free runs are just awesome - shame about the price tag! Another pair of actual trainers I quite fancy owning are New Balance, they are meant to be really comfy and I quite like the retro style of them! 

Anyone else a trainer kinda gal? 

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Strawberries & Cream White chocolate muffins

Today I thought I'd mix things up a little and share a recipe; this is for gorgeous summer strawberries and cream white chocolate muffins. It's easy to make, tastes delicious and makes the perfect Summer treat! So here's what you'll need: 

For the Muffins 

For the decoration: 

  • 1 cup icing sugar 
  • 1/2 cup  of butter softened at room temperature
  • White chocolate chips 
  • vanilla essence
  • Strawberries 
  • Strawberry Jam/Preserve 
Mix together all ingredients for the muffins in a large bowl until you get a smooth cake batter then distribute evenly into 6 muffin cases on a tray. Fill the cases about half way to allow for rising and place in a pre-heated oven at 175c/375f for 15 minutes until golden. 

Whilst baking, you have some time to make the frosting. Simply mix icing sugar, softened butter, vanilla essence and a tbsp of milk and create a smooth sweet buttercream frosting. 

Once the muffins are cool enough, scoop out the centre using a knife and then pop the strawberry jam inside to fill the hole. Then cover with the yummy frosting and decorate with a slice of strawberry and some white chocolate chips. 

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Primark £1 False Fashion Nails: Blue and White Ombre Review

primark haul false nails review cardiff

primark false nails review

I picked these £1 false nails up on my recent (ish) trip to the new flagship Primark store in Cardiff. If you live locally and haven't been I suggest you get your butt down there. Be prepared, wear layers you can take off (it's hot in there), take a bottle of water and be prepared to carry a massive basket full of treasures you pick up on all 5 floors. Anyway, onto the nails - I'm not a big wearer of false nails and I never wear gel/acrylic nails I pretty much stick to the natural look but just paint them. I wasn't expecting too much from these, considering they were only £1 but I loved the blue and white ombre design and I have to say I was SO impressed! 

They come with 24 nails, the majority of which are decent sizes. The largest thumb nails were far to big but that wasn't really an issue as one of the smaller nails fit perfectly. They also provide a nail glue, which is great as I don't have any of my own at home. They were easy to apply, and the glue sets pretty quickly holding the nail firmly in place. The size range of the nails is great, but I did file them down quite a lot to get them to a short (ish) shape I liked - but I'm really happy with how they turned out. 

In terms of quality - I think they are awesome. I'm now typing this on day 5 of wearing the nails and they are going strong. I had one 'blow out' when I had to re-glue one finger as I caught it on my zip but other than that these babies have survived baths, hair washing, cleaning, doing the dishes, a bit of gardening, typing and day to day wear. I have to say for £1 I am seriously, seriously impressed Primark! These are definitely worth it, I can't wait to pick up a few different patterns! 

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

How to make your makeup last: Elf Mineral Face Primer

elf mineral primer dupe benefit porefessional review

When it comes to highstreet/drugstore primers there's not a great deal to choose from. Recently, more and more brands have been trying to provide us with a low priced primer that actually works and I'm glad to say - I've actually found one, thanks to Elf! 

Elf's mineral face primer retails for £6.95 and comes in this sleek packaging that looks rather luxurious for the price tag. The pump packaging makes it easy to apply and 1 - 2 pumps of product is plenty for one application. Simply dot it around your face in areas you wish to even out/prevent oil - so for me thats nose, cheeks and chin. I then smooth it into the skin and carry on with my normal makeup routine. 

Elf mineral face primer claims to transform your skin into a flawless canvas that is smooth, giving you the perfect base for makeup. It also helps combat oil, dryness and enlarged pores as well as fine lines - I can vouch for the oiliness and the pores - this really sinks in nicely and gives a smooth, satin finish. 

The mineral face primer from elf is available in different shades to combat different issues, so it's worth checking out the options on the website or in store if you live locally to the Cardiff elf store (it's fab, the staff are lovely too). I definitely notice a difference when I wear this, my foundation applies smoothly and lasts much longer without a powder when this primer is underneath. My favourite thing about it is that it reduces the appearance of pores - so if you're looking for a similar texture and consistency to that of Benefit's porefessional (silicone based, smoothing, filling primer) then check out the elf version for a fraction of the price. A definite recommendation ladies! 

Monday, 7 July 2014


products worth repurchasing makeup favourites

products worth repurchasing makeup favourites

It's sometimes crazy to look at my makeup stash and realise just how much makeup I have compared to the ordinary person - I mean, I do remember a day when I had one makeup bag with about 5 items in and that was that. Things have changed (understatement of the century) and I now have more makeup that I can play around with and switch up regularly. But, there are always some products I come back to time and time again and these are products I would repurchase in a heartbeat

After being a fan of the Rimmel Stay Matte powder for years, I've actually found a new favourite and that's Seventeens Miracle Matte powder which provides great matte coverage and oil control. It's the best powder I've come across in terms of packaging as it has a mirror and a powder puff inside so it's perfect for handbag applications! It's only £3.99 and always in some kind of offer at Boots! This is my second batch and as you see - it's been loved! 

Loreal Telescopic Clean Definition Mascara is my holy grail mascara and one I will always repurchase! It's just the best mascara I've used for lengthening and seperating lashes. It's super black, long lasting, doesn't make lashes crispy and has a wand that is suitable for using on top and bottom lashes that provides precise application. If you haven't checked this out yet, you seriously should - at the slightly higher end of drugstore prices (£10.99) but 110% worth it! 

Lip products are something that I buy often and they are probably the things I swap and change most, but there are a select few products I always fall back on. Revlon's lip butter in Juicy Papaya is a stunning soft coral/peach shade that is shimmer free, moisturising and great for everyday - definitely my favourite shade out of the entire lip butter range. Mac Hue Lipstick was my first ever Mac purchase and boy was it a good one; it's a beautiful shade for everyday - it's a satin finish but a matte shade that is pink/nude and is the best nude-ish lipstick I've come across for my skintone. My love/obsession for Mac lipsticks gradually died off, but Hue is something I always go back to and would repurchase when I use it all up! Another quick mention to Nivea essential care lip balm - my favourite ever lipbalm available from drugstores and one I have repurchased about 20 times. It's cheap, cheerful and does a bloomin' good job! 

Another product from Mac I would repurchase in a heartbeat is Mac's studio fix concealer (NW15) which is an excellent all around concealer that lasts such a long time. I know there are so many cheaper concealers out there but I kid you not; I have been through at least 6 drugstore concealers (average £5 each) in the time I have used my Mac Studio fix concealer (£15) and still have loads left in the pot. Do the math .... I'm technically saving money here, right? A quick shoutout to Maybelline for their awesome colour tattoo in the shade on and on bronze or bad to the bronze if you're in america/canada. This little baby is probably the best £5 I've spent on eyeshadow - it's a great base, great on its own, has some major staying power and is easy to apply without a brush! Not too keen on any other shades in the colour tattoo but on and on bronze would be a definite repurchase.

Finally, the new foundation that has replaced my bourjois healthy mix obsession; I hated it after the packaging and formula change. Avon's Ideal Flawless Foundation is the next best thing I've come across and I've already repurchased this and have a few back ups just in case they decide to go crazy like bourjois and change an already great product. You can read my full review here where you can see its coverage but I love that it is semi-matte, medium-buildable coverage, has spf, covers just about everything and has a great shade selection. 

Well done if you made it to the end of this post, I feel like I rambled on a bit there! 

Which product would you repurchase? 


Sunday, 6 July 2014

Summer Sunday : Holiday Bag/Flight essentials

summer holiday essentials travel flight bag

A new 'Summer Sunday' feature is about to take over my normal salon sunday posts, so you'll be able to have a weekly summer themed blog post for the next 2 months we have Summer! The first installment is all about travel 'essentials' .. a.k.a the little things we all like to take with us to the beach, on a plane or on a daytrip - just in case! 

Having a clear makeup bag is always handy; they are suitable for airport travel and being clear also means they are wipe clean so great for lounging around the pool or the beach! It's always good to have some essentials on hand, these are some of the things I think would be great for around the beach or on a flight to your summer holiday - some skincare essentials and a few beauty must haves. 

For skincare, miniatures like this eucerin cleanser and moisturiser are great as they take up little space in the bag but make a big difference to your skin if you're on a long haul flight or having a long journey.If you're spending time enjoying the sunshine then spf is essential, Malibu offer a great range of travel friendly sizes and this cream sinks into the skin really quickly without leaving you sticky or white and it's spf20. They also have great high spf (30) lip balms available and having some lip protection is essential - nothing worse than sunburn on your lips! Finally, this little mini from vaseline is a great all round moisturiser which is lovely at the end of the day if you've been in the sun all day and want to add some moisture back into your skin when you get back home or even on a long haul flight. 

Of course, deodarant is especially important in summer when you want to stay feeling fresh. I love using this non-aerosol gel deodarant from Aloe Vera (forever living) that is moisturising, gentle and easy to apply with a non-offensive scent. It keeps you feeling fresh and is a compact size ideal for travel! Travel sized perfumes are a great addition if you want to freshen up throughout the day at the beach, this handy sized bench fragrance was only 99p and is the most compact little bottle of fragrance which smells fresh and fruity. Don't forget a hair tie - always essential! 

Finally - a few beauty bits that will be great for a long flight/journey or even lounging by the pool. A concealer is great if you want a little bit of coverage but not a full face of makeup. This fit me concealer my maybelline is smooth and creamy and great for undereye and spots. A quick coat of mascara will do wonders for a pick me up at the end of a flight or if you're heading straight out after a day at the beach. This handy sized travel mascara is from no7 but lots of brands offer them! And of course, a nail file for emergencies and mini nail polish in case you find yourself having time to make those nails summer ready! 

What do you take to the beach or on your flight?