Monday, 28 July 2014

Beauty Bargains: The £1 beauty blender sponge

ebay beauty blender review dupe

ebay beauty blender review

For some reason, I've just never been into applying make up with a sponge. As much as people rave about the original beauty blender - I just can't bring myself to part so much money for a sponge (£15!). So, I found a similar 'dupe' style sponge on ebay for 99pence and decided to try it out. 

It arrived shortly after, which is great considering it was all the way from China! The texture was a surprise, it feels less like a soft sponge and more firm and bouncy. The shape is ideal for blending all areas, with the smallest end being great for under eye and around the nose etc. I usually find with most sponges that they absorb far too much of the product, but due to the texture of this it didn't at all. 

To apply I pop the foundation onto my hand, dip the sponge in and then dab all around the face rather than smoothing over - this helps to get more coverage. It's actually a bit more time consuming than a regular brush, so I wouldn't use this if I was in a rush. But, I did really like the finish it gave. It allowed the foundation to blend nicely into my skin and gave more coverage out of the likes of BB/CC type creams (my fave is the bourjois CC cream). 

The only thing that bugs me is the washing. I find you need to wash a sponge way more regular than a brush as it does collect a bit of foundation and become a bit grubby. Washing it's fine though, it pretty much cleans up completely and goes back to it's normal shape - though it does take a while to dry! 

Overall - quite impressed with this! I still wouldn't pay the full price for a beauty blender, but I'd definitely get another one of these so I could have a spare for when this is in the wash! 

I got it from this seller - but there are 100s of them on ebay with lots of different colours and most are less than £1! 

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