Saturday, 5 July 2014

Cosmetic Fairy Haul : First Impressions

I first heard about Cosmetic Fairy after reading some blog posts and seeing a few things on twitter - so I decided to check it out myself. It's essentially a bargain beauty website where you can find massively discounted brands and products. Of course, these aren't the newest products on the market, they may be discountinued shades or older packaging but everything is new and sealed - so in my eyes that's fine! None of the items look like they've been hanging around a store room for ages and I was super happy with everything I purchased and would definitely recommend the site if you love makeup, bargains and aren't too bothered about using slightly older products/collections and shades. So onto the haul and my first impressions:  

Cosmetic fairy haul review 99p makeup cheap budget brands

Constance Carroll natural glow powder caught my eye on the site, but I didn't expect it to be this big! There's 20g of product! It is a soft, finely milled finishing powder that helps to mattify skin and give a natural glow - so far so good and it was 99p! 

Maybelline superstay gloss - another bargain at 99p and a great product that is still in stores now I believe, perhaps not this shade. I've only tried this out on my hand for a swatch but boy does this have long lasting stain - it wouldn't even wash off, so I'm sure this will last just as long on the lips. 

Senna eyebrow pencil in taupe was another 99p purchase and I had never heard of this brand before. The shade is actually a really good match for me as I like to use an ash blonde/brown eyebrow filler - it is a little harder than most pencils so does require some warming up beforehand. 

This Bench 'thingyamabob' is actually a mini fragrance (10ml) that I thought would be great for throwing in a bag as it's very travel friendly. It actually smells quite fresh and sweet, a bit like a liquid body spray rather than a strong fragrance but great for 99p. 

This wet n wild trio is a great selection of green neutrals and was again, 99p! It's in the older packaging - but the quality of the shadows measured against my new wet n wild shadows is on par. The pigmentation and formula are almost identical so it's just the packaging thats different - same goes for the single shadow, which was only 49p! The maybelline duo eyeshadow was also only 49p!  

These miniature essie nail polishes are awesome shades for summer and these little 5ml bottles are just the cutest! Also, realistically I have never ever ever finished an entire bottle of nail polish so for 99p each these were a great buy! The shades are braziliant, smooth sailing and meet me at sunsent.

These two maybelline colour sensational lipsticks were 99pence each and are great shades along with two loreal lipsticks which were also 99p each. Some serious bargains there, I mean .... £3.96 for 4 lipsticks? YES PLEASE! 

And, after all those bargains - shipping was completely free and arrived within 3 days. Seriously impressed over here with a grand total of  £12.86. 

All of the items I purchased are still available at 

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