Friday, 11 July 2014

Fashion Friday: Comfy Trainers

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Okay, so I'm just going to go ahead and say it : I hate heels! They just aren't me, I don't own a pair and I probably never will I just don't like them. Trainers however? YES! I always wear flat shoes and whilst I love having pumps and ballet style shoes, I always return to faithful trainers and I can't get enough of them. I thought I'd throw together a quick wishlist of trainers currently in my 'want to buy but can't afford' list. 

Now that it's summer I find myself eyeing up som Crochet Toms , they are so pretty and apparently very comfortable although I imagine them to be very very thin to walk on? Either way, these are such a cute show for summer - I can imagine wearing them to the beach! Of course, Vans  are my ultimate favourite and I'd buy them over and over again as long as they keep producing them - I'm buying! I really really want a pair of all white vans, just because they look so crisp and clean although I can almost guarantee I'll stain them with something that doesn't come out in the wash because that's just my luck. Another white on white pair are these classic converse, Love the white and converse are so easy to wear - heads up, size down in converse, they are huge! These Glitter Plimsolls  in the style of vans are another want; I love the dark glitter and I'd like to think they are as comfy as Vans although nothing compares to the original IMO! I

For actual trainers, I desperately want some Nike Free runs, I tried a pair on in store and oh my they are the comfiest shoes I have ever stepped foot in. They literally feel like walking on clouds, now I'm all about that! I recently purchased some sketchers flexi sole trainers that are very similar in fit but these gorgeous purple galaxy free runs are just awesome - shame about the price tag! Another pair of actual trainers I quite fancy owning are New Balance, they are meant to be really comfy and I quite like the retro style of them! 

Anyone else a trainer kinda gal? 

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