Friday, 4 July 2014

Fashion Friday - Wishlist: Rose Gold Edit

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There's just something about rose gold that everyone seems to adore, myself included. I thought I'd get together a wishlist of all things rose gold that have caught my eye recently - the colour seems to be everywhere especially with all the pastels this summer. Here are a few of my current favourite rose gold items  or pieces that would be great accessorised with rose gold jewellery and accessories. 
Starting with, this nude blazer from New Look inspire that would be lovely paired with light wash denim jeans and a plain white tee and rose gold accessories like this ted baker bag and statement necklace from River Island. I also love this soft pink lace kimono from new look, I really like wearing kimonos they are so easy to throw on and great for summer as they cover up but aren't too hot and I never want to wear only a vest out so that's a good option for me! Plus they have so many pretty floral patterns and designs on them, this crochet lace style is perfect. 

Speaking of crochet, I love the crochet pattern in this peach top from simply be that would look great with a pair of jeans and some rose gold havainas flip flops for a really casual look. The second handbag that's made it into the wishlist is this nude oversized bag with a celine-esque look about it from asos and this other designer inspired 'offendi' watch (lol) - gotta love a play on words and it's rose gold too! 

Which is your favourite item? 

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