Thursday, 24 July 2014

Festival Beauty Essentials

festival beauty tips mac calvin klein fragrance paint pot spf

When it comes to summer it's great to keep things simple and fuss free. So I decided to make a list of some summer essentials, great for festivals or summer days out! So if you're lucky enough to be heading somewhere such as V fest or to a Carnival then here are a few beauty items worth putting in your bag! 

For fragrance, this Euphoria deodarant natural spray from Calvin Klein is awesome. These handy sized sprays are refreshing, smell great and help keep you smelling sweet and summery rather than smelling like you've spend two days in a field at a festival. These sprays are more affordable than the perfumes themselves and double as a freshening deodarant spray througout the day. You can find this 150ml bottle on Click Fragrance for just £14.50! SPF is essential, hopefully you'll get some sun rays instead of rain but either way - some SPF is a great addition to your travel bag. This SPF 50 from Malibu was a great buy that came in a Duo Pack with Sun Protection Face Cream SPF 50 & Lip Balm SPF 30 which you can find from amazon for around £6! 

Now onto the beauty side of things. Rather than wear a full face of makeup, summer days out and festivals are all about keeping things fun and simple. A concealer like this maybelline fit me concealer is great for under eyes after a long night partying and also to cover any spots. A quick coat of mascara is all you need to feel awake in the morning, this miners volumising maxi mascara is super black and great in one coat as well as being compactly packaged. Another eye product that's great for travel bags are the mac paintpots (or maybelline colour tattoos which are a lot cheaper). This Mac shade is rubenesque and is a playful rose gold that looks amazing on and really catches the light and glistens - making it perfect for summer nights! 

A mini nail polish is always a good idea; simply paint your nails before you go and then take a mini bottle to top up any chips that appear! This gorgeous orange shade is from Essie and is called 'Brazilliant' available from Cosmetic Fairy for 99p! Finally a duo product for the cheeks and lips. This cream blush/lip tint from Essence is perfect for summer; it's a playful bright pink and actually works well on lips and cheeks - which doesn't happen often with these kind of products that claim to be multi purpose. 

Of course there are other essentials like wet wipes and dry shampoo (girls best friend). Are you heading to any festivals this year? 

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