Tuesday, 8 July 2014

How to make your makeup last: Elf Mineral Face Primer

elf mineral primer dupe benefit porefessional review

When it comes to highstreet/drugstore primers there's not a great deal to choose from. Recently, more and more brands have been trying to provide us with a low priced primer that actually works and I'm glad to say - I've actually found one, thanks to Elf! 

Elf's mineral face primer retails for £6.95 and comes in this sleek packaging that looks rather luxurious for the price tag. The pump packaging makes it easy to apply and 1 - 2 pumps of product is plenty for one application. Simply dot it around your face in areas you wish to even out/prevent oil - so for me thats nose, cheeks and chin. I then smooth it into the skin and carry on with my normal makeup routine. 

Elf mineral face primer claims to transform your skin into a flawless canvas that is smooth, giving you the perfect base for makeup. It also helps combat oil, dryness and enlarged pores as well as fine lines - I can vouch for the oiliness and the pores - this really sinks in nicely and gives a smooth, satin finish. 

The mineral face primer from elf is available in different shades to combat different issues, so it's worth checking out the options on the website or in store if you live locally to the Cardiff elf store (it's fab, the staff are lovely too). I definitely notice a difference when I wear this, my foundation applies smoothly and lasts much longer without a powder when this primer is underneath. My favourite thing about it is that it reduces the appearance of pores - so if you're looking for a similar texture and consistency to that of Benefit's porefessional (silicone based, smoothing, filling primer) then check out the elf version for a fraction of the price. A definite recommendation ladies! 

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