Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Primark £1 False Fashion Nails: Blue and White Ombre Review

primark haul false nails review cardiff

primark false nails review

I picked these £1 false nails up on my recent (ish) trip to the new flagship Primark store in Cardiff. If you live locally and haven't been I suggest you get your butt down there. Be prepared, wear layers you can take off (it's hot in there), take a bottle of water and be prepared to carry a massive basket full of treasures you pick up on all 5 floors. Anyway, onto the nails - I'm not a big wearer of false nails and I never wear gel/acrylic nails I pretty much stick to the natural look but just paint them. I wasn't expecting too much from these, considering they were only £1 but I loved the blue and white ombre design and I have to say I was SO impressed! 

They come with 24 nails, the majority of which are decent sizes. The largest thumb nails were far to big but that wasn't really an issue as one of the smaller nails fit perfectly. They also provide a nail glue, which is great as I don't have any of my own at home. They were easy to apply, and the glue sets pretty quickly holding the nail firmly in place. The size range of the nails is great, but I did file them down quite a lot to get them to a short (ish) shape I liked - but I'm really happy with how they turned out. 

In terms of quality - I think they are awesome. I'm now typing this on day 5 of wearing the nails and they are going strong. I had one 'blow out' when I had to re-glue one finger as I caught it on my zip but other than that these babies have survived baths, hair washing, cleaning, doing the dishes, a bit of gardening, typing and day to day wear. I have to say for £1 I am seriously, seriously impressed Primark! These are definitely worth it, I can't wait to pick up a few different patterns! 

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