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products worth repurchasing makeup favourites

products worth repurchasing makeup favourites

It's sometimes crazy to look at my makeup stash and realise just how much makeup I have compared to the ordinary person - I mean, I do remember a day when I had one makeup bag with about 5 items in and that was that. Things have changed (understatement of the century) and I now have more makeup that I can play around with and switch up regularly. But, there are always some products I come back to time and time again and these are products I would repurchase in a heartbeat

After being a fan of the Rimmel Stay Matte powder for years, I've actually found a new favourite and that's Seventeens Miracle Matte powder which provides great matte coverage and oil control. It's the best powder I've come across in terms of packaging as it has a mirror and a powder puff inside so it's perfect for handbag applications! It's only £3.99 and always in some kind of offer at Boots! This is my second batch and as you see - it's been loved! 

Loreal Telescopic Clean Definition Mascara is my holy grail mascara and one I will always repurchase! It's just the best mascara I've used for lengthening and seperating lashes. It's super black, long lasting, doesn't make lashes crispy and has a wand that is suitable for using on top and bottom lashes that provides precise application. If you haven't checked this out yet, you seriously should - at the slightly higher end of drugstore prices (£10.99) but 110% worth it! 

Lip products are something that I buy often and they are probably the things I swap and change most, but there are a select few products I always fall back on. Revlon's lip butter in Juicy Papaya is a stunning soft coral/peach shade that is shimmer free, moisturising and great for everyday - definitely my favourite shade out of the entire lip butter range. Mac Hue Lipstick was my first ever Mac purchase and boy was it a good one; it's a beautiful shade for everyday - it's a satin finish but a matte shade that is pink/nude and is the best nude-ish lipstick I've come across for my skintone. My love/obsession for Mac lipsticks gradually died off, but Hue is something I always go back to and would repurchase when I use it all up! Another quick mention to Nivea essential care lip balm - my favourite ever lipbalm available from drugstores and one I have repurchased about 20 times. It's cheap, cheerful and does a bloomin' good job! 

Another product from Mac I would repurchase in a heartbeat is Mac's studio fix concealer (NW15) which is an excellent all around concealer that lasts such a long time. I know there are so many cheaper concealers out there but I kid you not; I have been through at least 6 drugstore concealers (average £5 each) in the time I have used my Mac Studio fix concealer (£15) and still have loads left in the pot. Do the math .... I'm technically saving money here, right? A quick shoutout to Maybelline for their awesome colour tattoo in the shade on and on bronze or bad to the bronze if you're in america/canada. This little baby is probably the best £5 I've spent on eyeshadow - it's a great base, great on its own, has some major staying power and is easy to apply without a brush! Not too keen on any other shades in the colour tattoo but on and on bronze would be a definite repurchase.

Finally, the new foundation that has replaced my bourjois healthy mix obsession; I hated it after the packaging and formula change. Avon's Ideal Flawless Foundation is the next best thing I've come across and I've already repurchased this and have a few back ups just in case they decide to go crazy like bourjois and change an already great product. You can read my full review here where you can see its coverage but I love that it is semi-matte, medium-buildable coverage, has spf, covers just about everything and has a great shade selection. 

Well done if you made it to the end of this post, I feel like I rambled on a bit there! 

Which product would you repurchase? 


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