Sunday, 6 July 2014

Summer Sunday : Holiday Bag/Flight essentials

summer holiday essentials travel flight bag

A new 'Summer Sunday' feature is about to take over my normal salon sunday posts, so you'll be able to have a weekly summer themed blog post for the next 2 months we have Summer! The first installment is all about travel 'essentials' .. a.k.a the little things we all like to take with us to the beach, on a plane or on a daytrip - just in case! 

Having a clear makeup bag is always handy; they are suitable for airport travel and being clear also means they are wipe clean so great for lounging around the pool or the beach! It's always good to have some essentials on hand, these are some of the things I think would be great for around the beach or on a flight to your summer holiday - some skincare essentials and a few beauty must haves. 

For skincare, miniatures like this eucerin cleanser and moisturiser are great as they take up little space in the bag but make a big difference to your skin if you're on a long haul flight or having a long journey.If you're spending time enjoying the sunshine then spf is essential, Malibu offer a great range of travel friendly sizes and this cream sinks into the skin really quickly without leaving you sticky or white and it's spf20. They also have great high spf (30) lip balms available and having some lip protection is essential - nothing worse than sunburn on your lips! Finally, this little mini from vaseline is a great all round moisturiser which is lovely at the end of the day if you've been in the sun all day and want to add some moisture back into your skin when you get back home or even on a long haul flight. 

Of course, deodarant is especially important in summer when you want to stay feeling fresh. I love using this non-aerosol gel deodarant from Aloe Vera (forever living) that is moisturising, gentle and easy to apply with a non-offensive scent. It keeps you feeling fresh and is a compact size ideal for travel! Travel sized perfumes are a great addition if you want to freshen up throughout the day at the beach, this handy sized bench fragrance was only 99p and is the most compact little bottle of fragrance which smells fresh and fruity. Don't forget a hair tie - always essential! 

Finally - a few beauty bits that will be great for a long flight/journey or even lounging by the pool. A concealer is great if you want a little bit of coverage but not a full face of makeup. This fit me concealer my maybelline is smooth and creamy and great for undereye and spots. A quick coat of mascara will do wonders for a pick me up at the end of a flight or if you're heading straight out after a day at the beach. This handy sized travel mascara is from no7 but lots of brands offer them! And of course, a nail file for emergencies and mini nail polish in case you find yourself having time to make those nails summer ready! 

What do you take to the beach or on your flight? 

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