Sunday, 31 August 2014

Salon Sunday: Phyto Paris Phytobaum Volume Conditioner review

phyto phytobaum volume conditioner review

This week's Salon Sunday post is all about conditioning. I've been trying out this new express conditioner from Phyto Paris* recently so thought I'd share how I got on. Firstly, I love the packaging - is that weird? I like the shape of the bottle, it's easy to hold and compact and it just looks nice. I also quite enjoyed the scent of this one, though it's not overpowering at all it does remind me of the salon. 

It's designed for fine hair, and I certainly don't have fine hair. I have thick hair and not just a lot of hair resulting in thick hair I mean that each and every strand of my hair is thick. I think this still worked for me though, probably because it didn't weigh my hair down but still left it feeling conditioned. It is a thick, creamy consistency that almost feels like putting moisturiser in your hair but it did really smooth my hair and leave it feeling soft and tamed without feeling greasy or weighed down (I only ever use this on the length of my hair, never the roots). I'd be sure to completely rinse this out as my mum noticed that her hair was impossible to dry if a little of this remained on the hair. I love adding my mums thoughts in on the products, we always love trying out new things and it's good to see how this worked for both fine and thick hair! (Hi Mum). 

This 150ml bottle retails for around the £14-£16 mark, so it's definitely not cheap but you don't need a lot of product, even for my thick hair. I use this as a treatment rather than an everyday conditioner and I've enjoyed it. 

Friday, 29 August 2014


makeup giveaway

After you all enjoyed my budget beauty haul from Makeup Rumours I thought I'd purchase a few more things and hold a small giveaway here on my blog! One lucky reader will win: 

1 x Natural look eyelashes 
1 x Makeup Rumours lipstick in Pink 
1 x Glitz eyeshadow palette 
1 x Glitz eyeshadow quad 

All you need to do to enter is complete the form below. 

UK & Ireland only 
If under 16 ask permission to enter 
Winner contacted by email 
Giveaway ends 27/09/2014  

P.s You can also use the code 'love10off' to get 10% + 25% off your makeup purchases at  

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Fragrance Friday: Katy Perry Killer Queen

katy perry killer queen review
katy perry killer queen review

Usually I'm not a massive fan of celeb fragrances, I think I mentioned this in my one of my previous fragrance friday posts. However, after smelling Killer Queen by Katy Perry in Boots back last year I knew I had to have it, it's a 'me' kind of fragrance - plus the bottle is awesome! Although this is the third scent from Katy Perry I actually haven't tried the first two, and I probably wont - they seem to be targeted at a much younger teen/pre-teen market where as Killer Queen is strong and feminine. 

Killer Queen is a deep fragrance with several layers that come together to make a beautiful, lingering scent that lasts all day. With notes of wild berry, dark plum and bergamot it has a subtle fruity scent which is then masked by delicate florals like jasmine and red velvet flower before you're hit with the deeper, musky scents like cashmeran and patchouli heart. It's a unique blend of fruits, florals and musky scents that smell insanely good together. Plus, it's very affordable too - which is always nice! You can grab this in a gift set around christmas time for about £20 in Boots and throughout the year you can get it in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottles from £10-£30 depending on where you get it of course. I will definitely be repurchasing this one when it runs out - it's perfect for day and night and really lingers all day long! 

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Ted Baker: A duty to Beauty tools

ted baker beauty nail files
ted baker beauty range tools tweezers

Ted Baker has recently introduced an entire range of beauty tools* to the brand, designed for ladies with an eye for detail. Beauty tools are handbag and makeup bag essentials that can save you in times of beauty emergencies or just help you to give yourself a bit of a pamper every now and then. 

The new beauty tool range includes these 'Tweeze-y Does it' precision tweezers that feature an angled tip to really help you perfect the perfect eyebrow shapes. Tweezing is without a doubt the easiest eyebrow shaping method that doesn't involve taking a trip to the salon so having a good pair of tweezers on hand is always a good choice. These are beautifully designed with a sleek appearance in gold/silver metal and the signature Ted Baker font, not to mention the cute packaging that makes them a great little gift or stocking filler (am I talking about Christmas already?!) It's August! 

Emery boards are another handbag essential; there's nothing worse than getting caught out with a broken nail so it's always handy to have a nail file in your bag. This set of three lovely floral print emery boards are perfect for keeping one in your makeup bag, one in your handbag and one on your desk - so you're never facing a nail emergency. Again, cute prints, cute packaging and a great little gift! 

The beauty tools range from Ted Baker also features handy nail scissors, eyelash curlers and nail clippers - so you can get everything you need for a beauty S.O.S! You can find the range at Boots stores and also online! 

Wednesday, 27 August 2014

W7 Brow Bar Eyebrow Kit Review

w7 brow bar eyebrow kit review swatches
w7 brow kit review
w7 brow kit swatches review

Filling in your brows can help bring together an entire face of makeup; even if you have naturally full and thick eyebrows using some kind of eyebrow product can help to really make them defined and as even as possible despite the fact that it is humanly impossible to actually achieve identical eyebrows. Just me!? 

The Brow Bar from W7 is there take on a brow kit, similar to the likes of big name brands like benefit and HD brows this palette contains various shades to suit all hair colours. The Brow Bar includes 4 shades of eyeshadow; a highlight shade, a soft brown, medium brown and black along with a handy little eyebrow brush as well as two larger brushes/combs in the kit itself. I like to use shades 2 and 3 for my brows and I have dark blonde hair naturally, shade 1 for a highlight and shade 4 as a liner.  

I like that the kit includes the highlight shade, which is great for popping under the eyebrow to give a brightening and lifting effect and the black shade can also double up as a pretty good eyeliner - so a good multi use palette here! You also get some eyebrow stencils in this brow bar kit, which are pretty good if a little time consuming to use - but they do provide a good result and ultra sleek and defined brows. 

You can pick this kit up for around £4-6 in various retailers and online, I've found it here on Amazon for £4 with free delivery - making it a fraction of the price of most brow kits available! 

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Great Elegant Ideas for your Next Fancy Dress Party

fancy dress ideas 1920s

If you don’t love a fancy dress party then you’re in the minority - dressing up is fun and fancy dress parties are a great light hearted laugh.One of the fabulous things about these sorts of parties is that they allow you to not just dress up, but also make yourself up so you are extremely elegant and attractive. So, we brainstormed and created a list of some of the best costumes we could think of for those looking to add a little style to the next fancy dress they are invited to.

The 1920s was a great old time. Historically, it was one of the most stylish of the 20th century and was the day of the cocktail party and feather boa. So, as you can only too well imagine, taking this as inspiration for your next fancy dress is a great call. From the headpieces, to the beautiful dresses – you’ll be the belle of the ball dressing like this. Red Star Fancy Dress offer great 1920's clothing that fits in with this look.

Late 1950s
Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Onassis and a whole host of others are all at home in this time. So, don the large sunglasses, fabulous bun hair and beautiful fine couture clothing and hit the party. Once again it’s a time of high rollers and fun escapades and one that has dictated women’s’ style for decades afterwards. You’ll fit in at any party and also showcase your distinctive style along the way.

The 1980s isn't nearly as demure in its appeal as the two aforementioned styles; however that said it still has a wonderfully chic look about it. There’s a lot of fun in dressing up as an 80s icon such as Annie Lennox or Kate Bush and though it’s not a classic style, there are wonderful costumes from this era that are sure to make you look great in a distinctive and attractive manner.

French Revolution
For complete over the top elegance, the French Revolution and the style of Marie Antoinette for example, is a must mention. From the large hair, the over the top makeup and the fantastically frilly clothing, it’s a time where more was more and extravagance reigned. Certainly one we’d imagine will turn a few eyes.

These are just some extravagant but stylish ideas for costumes for your next big fancy dress party and will ensure you look not just great but also like the fashionista you are. 

Drugstore Makeup Kit for begginers (£10 and under)

makeup kit for teenagers beginners drugstore

I quite often get asked what budget friendly beauty products I would recommend for people just starting out in makeup, or those who want to pick up some essentials for their makeup bag without breaking the bank. All of the products mentioned in this post are available from the drugstore / highstreet / online and they're all under £10! 

For a good base and flawless face you'll need some kind of foundation, concealer and powder. A great option for beginners in makeup or if you generally don't need to wear foundation is a CC cream; this Bourjois CC cream (£9.99) is a great middle ground between a full coverage foundation and a light coverage BB cream. It's very blendable, covers redness and evens skin tone and feels natural on the skin. For any blemishes or darkness under the eyes give the Natural Collection Concealer a try (£1.99) which is very creamy and hydrating. For setting the skin and preventing oil throughout the day use a mattifying powder like this Miracle Matte Powder by Seventeen (£3.99) which has a handy powder puff and compact mirror for on the go too! 

The Sleek Makeup Face Kit in light (£9.99) is a great option for a multi-use product that will provide you with a soft bronze contour/bronzer, a glistening highlight and a lovely blush. This kit is also available in a darker shade, so a great choice for lots of skin types. For eyes a basic neutral/bronze palette is always a good idea; there's no need to shell out on the expensive Urban Decay Naked palettes as there are lots of affordable and similar palettes available. This 5 pan eyeshadow palette from Makeup Rumours (£1) has a great matte shade for a base colour and 4 beautiful bronze shades that are really pigmented and great quality for the price. An easy way to apply eyeshadow is to try an eyeshadow stick like this scandaleyes eyeshadow stick from Rimmel in the shade bluffing which is a shimmering bronze that can be swept all over the lid in approximately 2 seconds flat! 

There are plenty of affordable mascaras out there; I personally like the Maybelline Great Lash mascara (£4.99) for it's black formula and easy to control brush that works well for top and bottom lashes. It's small, easy to apply and doesn't get all over your face. If you like lipsticks then the Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks (£5.49) offer great shades and they are incredibly beautiful and have amazing colour pay off. If you'd rather a subtle lip colour then tinted lip balms like the Maybelline baby lips in Cherry Me (£2.99) offer a subtle tint of colour and moisturise your lips at the same time. 

You really don't have to spend a fortune on makeup from the luxurious beauty counters; there are plenty of high quality, low priced beauty buys on the high street that perform just as well. These are just a few of my recommendations for a beginner kit or perhaps a teen makeup bag. 

Monday, 25 August 2014

Bourjois CC Cream review

bourjois cc cream ivory review
bourjois cc cream on face cheeks fair

This CC cream from Bourjois is actually the first CC cream product I've tried and I am completely converted. I normally wear foundation and having tried a few BB cream products in the past I just couldn't get my head around them. After hearing some good things about the Bourjois CC cream which retails at £9.99 I couldn't resist trying it out, I chose the shade Ivory and there are 4 shades available in total. 

It's very smooth and creamy in texture, but a lot thinner than a foundation in terms of the actual consistency of the product. However, I found that this CC cream gave excellent coverage in all the areas I needed it and looked lovely and natural on the skin. It feels incredibly lightweight when it's on your skin but at the same time I felt completely confident in the coverage and the finish. I do powder over the top as I have quite oily skin, but for dry/normal skin you could probably get away with the CC cream on it's own. 

I've pretty much used this on a daily basis since I've had it, then usually go for a fuller coverage foundation if I'm going out or I just fancy a bit more coverage but for every day this has plenty of coverage. It's smooth, radiant and easy to blend into the skin. I find applying this with a buffing brush helps to give a flawless finish and I'd definitely recommend checking it out if you don't get on with BB creams but want something lighter than a foundation. 

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Salon Sunday: Kebelo Silk Anti Frizz Cream Review

kebelo hair silk anti frizz cream review

As someone who has naturally thick and wavy hair, I often find that it can get a little bit frizzy - especially when I've used heat on it. Recently I've been using this anti frizz cream from the hair-care brand Kebelo which specialises in products that give smooth, fizz free hair and help maintain good hair conditions. 

The Silk Anti Frizz Cream* is full of nourishing and smoothing ingredients like keratin and quinoa protein that help to repair and revitalise your hair, whilst other elements like argan and jojoba oils help to leave you hair looking and feeling like silk (smooth, shiny and frizz free). So far, I've enjoyed using this as a post-straightening smoothing products, so I pump a little onto my hand and massage it into my hands and distribute on the ends of the hair - as this is where my hair is prone to frizz. I've found this helps smooth the hair without weighing it down or making it feel greasy and it gets rid of those pesky fly away hairs!  

The product also contains heat protectant, which is useful if I need to re-straighten throughout the day (i have seriously wavy hair). It smells delicious too, it almost reminds me of refreshers sweets and being at the hair salon. This handy sized 30ml bottle will last absolutely ages, as only 1-2 pumps of product are needed with each application. 

You can find this product on the Kebelo site for £12.95 

Saturday, 23 August 2014

Rimmel Rita Ora Pillow Talk Nail Polish

rita ora rimmel collection wear time on nails
rita ora pillow talk
It't been a while since I've shared some nail polishes on my blog so I thought I'd talk about one of my recent favourites which is this soft pastel blue from the Rita Ora for Rimmel collection. The shade is 'pillow talk' which is an almost matte baby blue shade, perfect for those of you who enjoy subtle, soft nail colours rather than bolds and brights. Pillow talk is part of the 60 second Rimmel nail formula which is fast drying and long lasting. I found this to be perfectly opaque in my regular two coats and the shade looks beautiful once applied. It isn't streaky and applies quickly with the handy sized brush. 

The second image is a 5 day later shot, with no top coat added I'd say this was a pretty good wearing nail polish. It did chip slightly and become a little less coloured but overall I was pretty pleased with the lasting power of this particular shade. Whilst I can't vouch for other shades in this collection, I'd recommend trying out this pillow talk shade if you're after the perfect pretty baby blue shade - it's only £3.99 and usually on some kind of offer in the likes of boots and superdrug! 

Friday, 22 August 2014

Beauty Advice for male models

Male Modelling Personal Hygiene Advice : As a male model, brushing your teeth and flossing on a daily basis is a must. This is one of the first habits that a lot guys tend slip up on when they are living by themselves for the first time. Between waking up late for work and staying up late into the evening playing video games or partying with your friends, your morning and evening dental care became pretty absent. But don’t be fooled your negligence will catch up to you by having to get two cavities filled at the end of the year. 

Take a little bit of time out of your day and evening, brush twice or three times a day, floss once after eating .Include a tongue scraping in your routine, too. That really helps in eliminating bad breath. Taking care of your oral hygiene is a habit that will save you suffering embarrassment   in the long run and increase the chances for that kiss at the end of a date.

In male modelling you get sweating, so make sure to shower everyday even twice if needed be on those hot days. You’ll have that occasional string of days when you’re so busy that you don’t have time to shower. Try not to go without for more than a day. If you get a job in a restaurant, it’s important to shower after every shift as your pores will clog up with dirt and cause irritations to your skin. Worse-case scenario you can potentially get rashes.

You can find most shampoos and body soaps in health care shops. these are worth looking into when you really want to look after your hygiene properly.

The products are mainly organic so you can only benefit from the natural glow these products can potentially give. You can buy products that can help both your skin and hair, There's a whole range of diverse products that are even supposed to help with everything from psoriasis to dandruff. But really, your soap choice doesn’t matter, even though there’s a bunch of new marketing and “men’s-only” soaps and shampoos telling you otherwise. If you have very sensitive or acne-prone skin, get a special facial soap for those needs. Do not use excessive perfume or spray, you should smell neutral and be ready for the photographer and stylists to transform you on the day. Turn up clean, healthy and happy for the best chance to impress them.

*collaborative post shared on behalf of modelsdirect 

Child Model Style: Flynn Bloom

Child Model Review: Flynn Bloom

Pictured in her first photoshoot for British Vogue, Victoria's Secret Angel, Orlando Bloom's ex-wife and supermodel of the moment, Miranda Kerr, poses contentedly with 18-month-old son Flynn.

Full name, Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom, this jet-setting toddler loves to be the centre of attention." He knows the drill when we get on the plane and he likes to walk up and down the aisle smiling at everyone," Kerr told Vogue in an interview in the July 2012 issue. 

"He will stand there until each person notices him. Once he gets a smile he's on to the next person." He sure sounds like a model-in-training. Kerr told Vogue that her all-time favourite model job had been walking in Balenciaga's autumn/winter 2011-12 show - while she was still pregnant. The 'Boyfriend' hitmaker - who was involved in an altercation with the 'Pirates of the Caribbean' actor at a swanky restaurant in Ibiza last week - is said to have taunted him with the claim that his estranged wife had promised to "make him a man".
Rumours of Miranda, 31, cheating on Orlando with Justin, 20, emerged in 2012 after the pair were pictured flirting at a Victoria's Secret fashion show and although the couple - who have four-year-old son Flynn together - have since called time on their relationship, Justin's jibe is said to have prompted Orlando to swing for him.

A source revealed to the Sunday People newspaper: "Orlando had heard that there had been some flirting going on and he wasn't exactly over the moon about it, in fact he was furious. "At the time of the split it was certainly one of the motivations. He was, and still is, very cross about all of this. "He can't believe that someone he regards as a silly little boy has had this impact on his relationship. He is absolutely fuming." Orlando, 37, is reported to have jumped over a sofa to try and punch Justin after hearing his alleged comment, while his pals including Leonardo DiCaprio cheered him on.

What will Flynn think of all this when he grows up, and will it impact his child modelling career? It is too soon to tell and although Miranda and Orlando’s relationship is over, he clearly has feelings for the mother of this child. Public opinion on Justin Bieber has recently decreased following this incident and in recent month he has had a US petition signed by thousands of people to have him deported back to Canada.

*posted on behalf of modelsdirect

Fragrance Friday: Calvin Klein Euphoria

calvin klein euphoria
calvin klein euphoria

I'm quite the fan of these deodarant sprays in perfume scents, and recently I've been loving this Calvin Klein Euphoria scent. Don't let the word deodarant put you off, you won't be spraying this on your armpits. It's more of a liquid body spray, but a lot stronger and longer lasting than your average aerosol or liquid body spray. These natural vapouriser sprays smell exactly like the original scents, only a lighter weight version that can be used as a body spritz. 

Euphoria is a beautiful mix of fruity notes like pomegranate and floral scents like black orchid and lotus blossom together with heavier scents like amber and musk. It's a perfect day time or evening scent and I love having this lighter version. It's a large 150ml can and I spray it just as I would a perfume, on my neck and wrists and a few general spritz of it here and there - a little more liberally than a perfume but I find the scent to be just as strong and long lasting as when I wear an actual perfume. 

I'd recommend checking these types of sprays out if you like a fragrance but don't want a heavy scent or if you prefer body sprays and spritzers to your standard perfume. I also use the chanel version of these which are a lot cheaper than the actual perfumes but smell just the same! It's a great way to try a high end perfume for a lower price. 

Have you tried these types of products before? You can find this one for around £15 from Click Fragrance 

A Parent’s Guide to Baby Modelling

Natural Hair Styles Pictures #NaturalHair


For parents dreaming about seeing their children on magazine covers and in ads, here is guide to those of you who know perfectly well that your child is much cuter than the baby on the cover of any given issue of Baby Magazine, and have the determination to prove it.

Get Your Foot in the DoorIt is not necessary to pay a professional photographer to take expensive pictures of your child for an agency to see. Baby Modelling agencies usually parents to mail them four or five in-focus, close-up snapshots that do not have to be high quality and certainly shouldn't be airbrushed or digitally enhanced. These shots have to be accurate. If they were interested in meeting your child in person once they’d seen the pictures, they’d let you know.

Baby Modelling agencies say that they’d rather not see children in frilly dresses, cowboy outfits, those little headband things, or anything too cute. Simple dresses, trousers, tee-shirts, and overalls are preferred.
This is a purely subjective observation, but I got the impression that agencies would, for the most part, choose a baby who isn't conventionally beautiful but has a recognizable personality the shines out, they always prefer this over a gorgeous child who likes nothing better than to stare moodily at her toes.

Auditions - A typical baby modelling audition will go like this. You find the building, take an antique, creaking elevator up to the appropriate floor, find a parking space for your stroller in the designated area, fill out the form that someone’s assistant hands you, and wait. Generally you’re in a room with dozens of other parents, nannies, and children, some of whom spend the waiting time sizing up the competition. Put your game face on and be positive. Sometimes you’re asked to undress your baby down to his diapers, or to have him get into a fashionable bodysuit that the above mentioned assistant has handed you. While you wait, you try every possible strategy to keep your baby happy until his name is called (this can take anywhere from five to forty-five minutes—any longer than that, and my recommendation is that you leave). 

When it’s his turn you sit him down in front of the camera and then stand behind the photographer making funny faces at him until the photo is taken. Trying to determine what people think of your child’s suitability for the job by looking at their faces. The feedback should be all over their face!

*collaborative post 

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Teen Modelling Self-Image Advice

Teen Modelling Self-Image Advice

Most of us are prepared to deal with the obvious physical changes of growing up. Girls expect their breasts to grow and guys expect to become more muscular. However, for teen models, their looks are their job and so being prepared for natural changes is important.

The body often goes through other changes before, during, and after puberty — and sometimes these changes can be very different from the ones we expect to happen. For example, both girls and guys may notice themselves growing in unfamiliar places, such as the butt or belly. These days, teen Modelling agencies are looking for all shapes and sizes.

Some people get a temporary layer of fat to prepare the body for a growth spurt. Others fill out permanently. Some people eat healthy foods and work out but still gain weight. Others chow down on everything in sight and still stay skinny.

Eventually it all balances out and most people adjust to how their "new" body moves and works. But it can take some getting used to. What happens to people physically during puberty can influence how they feel about their bodies and themselves for a long time to come.

When it comes to teen modelling, it is one thing to be pretty or handsome, but when it comes to modelling for teenagers, there will be a combination of different elements that a modelling agency will be looking out for - therefore, it's worth researching their criteria beforehand, to avoid putting your child into a situation that could cause them disappointment unnecessarily. Being a strong resilient teen model is the most important thing to be. 

*collaborative post 

Luxury beauty sale bargains

high end luxury makeup sale cheap bargains

1   ||   2   ||   3   ||   4   ||   5   ||  6   ||   7   ||    8

Lately I've been doing a lot of window shopping online, you know the one - when you add copious amounts of products you can't afford to your online shopping basket then use all of your will power to close the page without buying them? Yep, that. The illamasqua sale is in full swing and you can get items from as little as £5 which is a massive discount, so that's definitely worth checking out. As always, Debenhams have a brilliant selecion of high end makeup brands in their beauty sale like YSL and Becca and I love this Benefit duo set where you get a box blush and a tint in one - both full size! The Asos beauty sale is also another one worth checking out, they have beautiful Paul & Joe products which always tempt me as well as lots of other big brands at discount prices. 

Where do you shop for beauty bargains? 

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The £20 Makeup Challenge TAG

Today I thought I'd do something a little different; the £20 makeup challenge. This tag has been circulating for a few years now and I vaguely remember doing it back on my old blog a good few years ago. You all probably know by now, I love a good beauty bargain and love my drugstore/high street beauty products. The aim of the tag is quite simple, create a full face of makeup for £20 or under - so here it goes: 

I used the Undress Your Skin foundation (£3 on sale from 5) from MUA in the shade porcelain which is great for pale skin and the coverage is really good too, you can see a full review here. I used my Natural Collection Concealer (£1.99) in the shade fair for under eyes and blemishes, it's really creamy and easy to blend and I'd definitely recommend it as a budget concealer. For the powder I used my Miners Fresh Faced Powder (£3.99) in the shade soft sand which adds a little bit of coverage and sets the makeup in place. For blush I used another product from Natural Collection which is the blush in 'Pink Cloud' (£1.99) which is a completely matte pink shade that is SO nice, another recommendation there. I'd say that was a pretty good 'budget base'. 

For my eyes I used a few shades from the w7 naked nudes palette (£3.29) which has some great everyday neutrals in along with my £1 mascara from PS love (primark's beauty range) which I really like. For the brows I used the brow pencil from Ps Love (£1.50) which has a spoolie wand on the one end which is always handy, it's in the shade blonde but it is a little on the warm side for me. Finally I used another product from Ps Love, are you sensing a theme? The lip gloss crayon (£1) in this lovely nude shade is perfect for everyday lips, it applies very much like a lip butter with a lovely tint of colour. The finished result cost a grand total of £17.76 and looked a little something like this: 

There are definitely some great finds here that just go to show that you don't need to spend a fortune on makeup. I'll nominate a couple of other bloggers to try the £20 makeup challenge - but of course, anyone reading can feel free to take part! I nominate: 

Shona from 
Georgina from
Julie from

Good luck ladies and for anyone else who joins in, let me know!

What budget beauty product would you recommend from the drugstore? 

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

NYX eyeshadow base primer review

nyx eyeshadow base primer review
nyx eyeshadow base swatch review
nyx eyeshadow base primer before and after
I think eyeshadow primer is definitely a good option for those who love wearing eyeshadow but find it either doesn't last all day, or they struggle to make the colours show properly on their eyelids. Using a primer helps to give an even base colour cancelling out veins, blue and red on the eyelid and also gives something for the eyeshadow to cling on to helping it to last longer. I usually go some form of liquid primer like the urban decay primer potion or the more affordable elf version (£1.95 and awesome) but more recently I've been using little pots of primer like this one from Avon. When I saw this NYX eyeshadow base primer on Isme I decided to try it out, plus I had a 50% discount code. 

The eyeshadow base is actually a solid pot of product rather than a cream or mousse consistency, it reminds me of a solid balm. In colour it's white and very similar to the texture of NYX jumbo eye pencil in milk. Although it's a thick texture, it's easy to apply to the eyelids and I find using your finger to apply it works best as this almost warms the product up slightly. It gives a great even base for you to work with and really makes the eyeshadow shades more prominent and full of colour. In the swatch you can see that even a pale shimmering eyeshadow looks 'full on' on top of the primer. In terms of wear time, it definitely helps to keep the shadow in place all day without creasing - so a great option for oily skin too! 

You can find NYX online, I think some Next stores stock NYX too but I got mine from Isme for £6 (plus I had 50% off, so an epic bargain there). 

Monday, 18 August 2014

The Lipstick Collection & Swatches

lipstick collection and storage makeup

What better way to start your week than oohing over some pretty lipsticks?! After sharing some of my tips on makeup organisation and storing your makeup I had a few requests to do a lipstick collection type post, so that's exactly what I'm doing today. Word of warning, it will be a lengthy picture post so make sure you're on Wi-fi if you're out and about. I store my lipsticks in this really cheap acrylic lipstick container that I got from Ebay (see here) and then I keep a few pretty lipsticks in this 'vintage' glass jar that belonged to my Nan and now looks pretty on my desk! I won't be going into too much detail about each and every lipstick, that would take me forever but there are swatches and close ups of each lipstick and shade names, and I love all of them. I regularly clean out my makeup so all of these are actual lipsticks I use regularly, anyway .. feel free to read on to see more of my collection: 

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Salon Sunday : Trevor Sorbie Frizz Free Repair Mask

trevor sorbie frizz free repair mask haircare review
I love a good conditioning hair product, so I was looking forward to trying this Frizz Free Repair Mask from Trevor Sorbie's hair care range. Having tried a few of the products from the Trevor Sorbie line before, I can say that this smells just as beautiful as the other products like the shampoo and conditioner (which I reviewed here). The frizz free repair mask is used as a conditioning treatment which is recommended for use once a week to help nourish hair and improve it's condition with the hydrating avocado oil. 

Having used the majority of this up (between my mum and me) the verdict is a good one : We love it! It's very thick and mask like to apply and I only use this on the ends of my hair as this is where it is most needed and that way I avoid products building up on my scalp. I find it best to massage the mask into the ends of my hair and leave it in for around 5 minutes and let it work it's magic. You could also use a hot towel or hair cap to further enhance the mask - but I really just use it as I would any other hair mask or conditioning treatment and make sure I wash it out thoroughly. 

It instantly smoothes frizzy ends and really nourishes the dryness that is likely to occur throughout coloured hair, especially the ends of the hair. As with other products in the frizz free range I do find this helps the hair to be less frizzy when drying or using heat and generally makes the hair a lot softer. It's only £5.99 and there are a lot of uses in one tub, so definitely worth checking out if you're looking for an affordable deep conditioning treatment for your hair. 

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Makeup Rumours Haul & discount code

After seeing a new budget makeup brand on twitter, I couldn't resist checking them out - you know I love a good bargain when it comes to beauty. Makeup Rumours is just that, a website full of amazing beauty bargains, I couldn't believe that almost everything was £1! So of course, I couldn't just chose one or two items could I - so here's a quick haul, some first impressions and some swatches for you along with a discount code at the bottom. 

makeup rumours haul lipsticks
makeup rumours haul  lipstick swatches
17 || 13 || 5 || 18|| 19 
I kinda got sucked in by the £1 lipsticks, I just really couldn't turn them away. I wasn't sure what shades to get to tried to go for a mix of everything. Unfortunately, they don't have shade names but numbers instead, but on the website they are split into colour sections - i.e you can find all the pinks together, all the nudes together etc which is very handy if you like particular shades. The shades were a pretty good representation, although slightly darker in real life. My favourites are the deep purple shade (13) which will be lovely in autumn and the nude shades which are great for everyday. They are all matte shades, but very moisturising and smooth to apply - and as you can see, they are packed with pigment! For £1 they are definitely worth giving a go! 

makeup rumours haul  eyeshadow palettes
makeup rumours haul  eyeshadow swatches

Okay so I also went a bit crazy on the eyeshadows, oops. I'm a sucker for a good eyeshadow palette so thought I'd try out a few different ones including their glitz eyeshadow range (top left and bottom right), which has shimmering particles in, these aren't running right the way through the eyeshadow so they are still very wearable and beautiful colours. I also chose the after dark eyeshadow quad in this stunning lilac shade which I absolutely love and two of their dazzle eyeshadoe 5 palettes which are really compact and extremely pigmented. I'm really impressed with the buttery formula and immense colour pay off with all of the palettes. Plus, the best bit is they were £1 each! How amazing is that?! 

makeup rumours haul powder and bronzer

I decided to try out a pressed powder in the shade nude, which was again £1 and the shade is perfectly pale. It's a really smooth powder that isn't chalky and it sits nicely on the skin. I also went for the bronzer in the shade blush which is almost completely matte and although it looks a little dark I was surprised at how lovely and pale this shade was, perfect for my skintone - and not at all orange. 

makeup rumours haul nail polish pastel

Finally I got this set of 6 mini pastel nail polishes, which was only £1.50 (for all 6). I actually really like mini nail polishes as I have never in my life finished an entire nail polish, or even came close to finishing one. On the nail wheel you can see each shade is exactly how it looks in the bottle, this was using two coats. I really love the pastel blue and the yellow, they are my two favourites! They have a few other nail polish sets, but I really liked the look of these pastel shades. 

I was really impressed with the shipping times, I received my order two days after ordering an everything was packed safely and arrived in one piece. I've enjoyed everything I've used so far and I'm looking forward to seeing more from this brand. I just can't believe the price, I mean I got FIFTEEN items for £15*?! That's insane. 
You can also get 10% off your total order using the code love10off at

Have you tried Makeup Rumours yet?