Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Avon shimmer block bronzer review

avon shimmer block review

Avon shimmer block review

A new product I picked up recently has been this gorgeous shimmer block from Avon! I do enjoy Avon and love trying out the new products so when I saw this I couldn't resist. It's described as having a 'Unique opalescent finish for radiant-looking skin, with a soft glow of colour' which is designed to highlight and define. 

You get a whopping 10g of product for £8, although it's regularly on offer and I got mine for £6 (current price on website!). It's packaged in a sleek black compact with a clear lid allowing you to see the stunning 5 shimmering shades in the block. I love the geometric design and textured powder. I'm a sucker for pretty products so I was really hoping this would be as good as it looks! 

Luckily it is! You can create a gorgeous shimmering bronze by swirling you brush around the palette to pick up some of each shade - which is what I like to do. The palette lies on the cool, pink side of bronze rather than golden orange - so I find this ideal for paler skin like me as you don't get the brown/orange tones you would with standard bronzers. Although shimmery, it isn't over powering and actually appears quite subtle on the skin to give a radiant lit from within kinda look - which I love! It's a nice solid powder, so the brush doesn't pick up too much product - which is a good thing as when you're swirling your brush around to get a good mix of shades you don't want to pick up tonnes of powder - it isn't at all chalky! It has a lovely amount of colour pay off, without being too in your face if that makes sense! 

Overall - really pleased with this product, I think it's perfect for the summer months and would also be nice in winter to add a bit of glow and colour back into your skin. 

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