Friday, 22 August 2014

Fragrance Friday: Calvin Klein Euphoria

calvin klein euphoria
calvin klein euphoria

I'm quite the fan of these deodarant sprays in perfume scents, and recently I've been loving this Calvin Klein Euphoria scent. Don't let the word deodarant put you off, you won't be spraying this on your armpits. It's more of a liquid body spray, but a lot stronger and longer lasting than your average aerosol or liquid body spray. These natural vapouriser sprays smell exactly like the original scents, only a lighter weight version that can be used as a body spritz. 

Euphoria is a beautiful mix of fruity notes like pomegranate and floral scents like black orchid and lotus blossom together with heavier scents like amber and musk. It's a perfect day time or evening scent and I love having this lighter version. It's a large 150ml can and I spray it just as I would a perfume, on my neck and wrists and a few general spritz of it here and there - a little more liberally than a perfume but I find the scent to be just as strong and long lasting as when I wear an actual perfume. 

I'd recommend checking these types of sprays out if you like a fragrance but don't want a heavy scent or if you prefer body sprays and spritzers to your standard perfume. I also use the chanel version of these which are a lot cheaper than the actual perfumes but smell just the same! It's a great way to try a high end perfume for a lower price. 

Have you tried these types of products before? You can find this one for around £15 from Click Fragrance 

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