Friday, 29 August 2014

Fragrance Friday: Katy Perry Killer Queen

katy perry killer queen review
katy perry killer queen review

Usually I'm not a massive fan of celeb fragrances, I think I mentioned this in my one of my previous fragrance friday posts. However, after smelling Killer Queen by Katy Perry in Boots back last year I knew I had to have it, it's a 'me' kind of fragrance - plus the bottle is awesome! Although this is the third scent from Katy Perry I actually haven't tried the first two, and I probably wont - they seem to be targeted at a much younger teen/pre-teen market where as Killer Queen is strong and feminine. 

Killer Queen is a deep fragrance with several layers that come together to make a beautiful, lingering scent that lasts all day. With notes of wild berry, dark plum and bergamot it has a subtle fruity scent which is then masked by delicate florals like jasmine and red velvet flower before you're hit with the deeper, musky scents like cashmeran and patchouli heart. It's a unique blend of fruits, florals and musky scents that smell insanely good together. Plus, it's very affordable too - which is always nice! You can grab this in a gift set around christmas time for about £20 in Boots and throughout the year you can get it in 30ml, 50ml and 100ml bottles from £10-£30 depending on where you get it of course. I will definitely be repurchasing this one when it runs out - it's perfect for day and night and really lingers all day long! 

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