Friday, 15 August 2014

Fragrance Friday: Suddenly Diamonds by Lidl

I'm sure that most of you have heard all about the Lidl fragrance that is a pretty good dupe for the infamous Chanel Coco madmesoille perfume. The uber budget friendly 'Suddenly' scent is a beautiful and far more affordable scent than the Chanel counterpart and one that I really like, as do my mum and sister - so it's definitely worth checking out if you haven't tried it yet. 

More recently, Lidl have given us a new scent in 'Suddenly Diamonds' which is again only £3.99 for a 50ml bottle. Unlike the slightly cheaper looking tear shaped glass bottle that the original Suddenly scent is housed in, the 'diamonds' version is presented in a sleek, perfectly straight thick glass bottle that reminds me of the more niche scent perfumes from the likes of Jo Malone and Dipytique which always look so lovely out on a vanity table. Besides the actual perfume bottle, the outer packaging instantly reminds me of Boss Orange by Hugo Boss wit the white and orange design. 

The scent itself is rather similar to Hugo Boss Orange - and Lidl make no secret of the fact that their perfumes are indeed 'dupes' of popular designer fragrances. And why should they? I for one am pretty glad that I can pick myself up a £4 bottle of perfume that smells just like a £60 bottle! On the advertisements for Suddenly Diamonds in Lidl it states that the scent is compared to a '£315 bottle of scent from Harrods' and consumers were unable to tell the difference. I can't vouch for that, I have no idea of a) what the £315 bottle is and b) who on earth would ever consider paying £315 for perfume. However, I did notice the resemblance to Hugo Boss Orange in that you're instantly hit with s subtle fruity scent with notes of apple and orange blossom but actually the soft floral scents  like jasmine and musky notes of sandalwood come through beautifully. I love sandalwood in perfume scents, so this is perfect for me. 

I'd definitely recommend going to pick this up, or at least give it a smell! It's such an amazing fragrance for the £3.99 price tag, beautifully packaged in a bottle that looks far more expensive than it actually costs. The fragrance is long lasting and noticeable - which is always nice. 

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