Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Great Elegant Ideas for your Next Fancy Dress Party

fancy dress ideas 1920s

If you don’t love a fancy dress party then you’re in the minority - dressing up is fun and fancy dress parties are a great light hearted laugh.One of the fabulous things about these sorts of parties is that they allow you to not just dress up, but also make yourself up so you are extremely elegant and attractive. So, we brainstormed and created a list of some of the best costumes we could think of for those looking to add a little style to the next fancy dress they are invited to.

The 1920s was a great old time. Historically, it was one of the most stylish of the 20th century and was the day of the cocktail party and feather boa. So, as you can only too well imagine, taking this as inspiration for your next fancy dress is a great call. From the headpieces, to the beautiful dresses – you’ll be the belle of the ball dressing like this. Red Star Fancy Dress offer great 1920's clothing that fits in with this look.

Late 1950s
Audrey Hepburn, Jackie Onassis and a whole host of others are all at home in this time. So, don the large sunglasses, fabulous bun hair and beautiful fine couture clothing and hit the party. Once again it’s a time of high rollers and fun escapades and one that has dictated women’s’ style for decades afterwards. You’ll fit in at any party and also showcase your distinctive style along the way.

The 1980s isn't nearly as demure in its appeal as the two aforementioned styles; however that said it still has a wonderfully chic look about it. There’s a lot of fun in dressing up as an 80s icon such as Annie Lennox or Kate Bush and though it’s not a classic style, there are wonderful costumes from this era that are sure to make you look great in a distinctive and attractive manner.

French Revolution
For complete over the top elegance, the French Revolution and the style of Marie Antoinette for example, is a must mention. From the large hair, the over the top makeup and the fantastically frilly clothing, it’s a time where more was more and extravagance reigned. Certainly one we’d imagine will turn a few eyes.

These are just some extravagant but stylish ideas for costumes for your next big fancy dress party and will ensure you look not just great but also like the fashionista you are. 

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