Sunday, 10 August 2014

Loreal nude magique blur cream review (before and after)

Loreal nude magique blur cream review (before and after)
Loreal nude magique blur cream review (before and after)

After being intrigued by this Loreal Nude Magique blur cream I decided to try it out and having had it for a good few months I thought I'd finally get around to reviewing it. The reason it hasn't been reviewed until now is honestly because it just didn't 'wow' me. So I guess I'll explain why - 

Upon appearance the product looks very similar to the likes of benefits the pore fessional, in that it is a foundation coloured primer, so it isn't clear or white it's actually a tinted shade. As with most primers and pore perfecting products they claim they can be worn alone, which I personally wouldn't do anyway so I kind of ignored that point. 

Whilst the product does sit nicely on the skin, blend in easily and feel like its doing its job on first reaction - I actually found that the visible difference was little to none. I didn't find it reduced my pores at all and I didn't find that my makeup lasted any longer after applying it. It wasn't a terrible experience, it didn't slip off or gather in oily areas it simply didn't make a difference and for the price, I'd expect a lot more. For the price tag of £9.99, I just don't think this does enough to warrant the spend - I'd rather repurchase one of my cheaper drugstore primers that actually hold my makeup in place longer or shell out on the benefit primer that although almost twice the cost, actually works. 

Have you had any experience with this Blur Cream from Loreal? 

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