Sunday, 31 August 2014

Salon Sunday: Phyto Paris Phytobaum Volume Conditioner review

phyto phytobaum volume conditioner review

This week's Salon Sunday post is all about conditioning. I've been trying out this new express conditioner from Phyto Paris* recently so thought I'd share how I got on. Firstly, I love the packaging - is that weird? I like the shape of the bottle, it's easy to hold and compact and it just looks nice. I also quite enjoyed the scent of this one, though it's not overpowering at all it does remind me of the salon. 

It's designed for fine hair, and I certainly don't have fine hair. I have thick hair and not just a lot of hair resulting in thick hair I mean that each and every strand of my hair is thick. I think this still worked for me though, probably because it didn't weigh my hair down but still left it feeling conditioned. It is a thick, creamy consistency that almost feels like putting moisturiser in your hair but it did really smooth my hair and leave it feeling soft and tamed without feeling greasy or weighed down (I only ever use this on the length of my hair, never the roots). I'd be sure to completely rinse this out as my mum noticed that her hair was impossible to dry if a little of this remained on the hair. I love adding my mums thoughts in on the products, we always love trying out new things and it's good to see how this worked for both fine and thick hair! (Hi Mum). 

This 150ml bottle retails for around the £14-£16 mark, so it's definitely not cheap but you don't need a lot of product, even for my thick hair. I use this as a treatment rather than an everyday conditioner and I've enjoyed it. 

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