Wednesday, 27 August 2014

W7 Brow Bar Eyebrow Kit Review

w7 brow bar eyebrow kit review swatches
w7 brow kit review
w7 brow kit swatches review

Filling in your brows can help bring together an entire face of makeup; even if you have naturally full and thick eyebrows using some kind of eyebrow product can help to really make them defined and as even as possible despite the fact that it is humanly impossible to actually achieve identical eyebrows. Just me!? 

The Brow Bar from W7 is there take on a brow kit, similar to the likes of big name brands like benefit and HD brows this palette contains various shades to suit all hair colours. The Brow Bar includes 4 shades of eyeshadow; a highlight shade, a soft brown, medium brown and black along with a handy little eyebrow brush as well as two larger brushes/combs in the kit itself. I like to use shades 2 and 3 for my brows and I have dark blonde hair naturally, shade 1 for a highlight and shade 4 as a liner.  

I like that the kit includes the highlight shade, which is great for popping under the eyebrow to give a brightening and lifting effect and the black shade can also double up as a pretty good eyeliner - so a good multi use palette here! You also get some eyebrow stencils in this brow bar kit, which are pretty good if a little time consuming to use - but they do provide a good result and ultra sleek and defined brows. 

You can pick this kit up for around £4-6 in various retailers and online, I've found it here on Amazon for £4 with free delivery - making it a fraction of the price of most brow kits available! 

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